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Any deal for Mazda 3?

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I am looking for 2021 Mazda3 hatchback premium plus (turbo) with red interior.

I am located in Glendale, CA.
I am looking for maximum of 36 month lease with 10K yearly mileage.
Currently I have a 2018 Mazda6 GT which lease is due in the end of June 2021.

Will post deals later this week

Memorial Day lease deals for cx-5 touring preferred sv?

any update?

Do you have any Miata lease?

Deals for may 21?

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Yes please shoot me a PM - or you can email us at inquiries@autoleaseninjas.com

Unfortunately the convertible market is very tight so @Noob - there are not many great miata deals out there unfortunately

I’m also looking for MX5, and it doesn’t seem to have a good lease deal so far, such a niche market with car enthusiasts. Perhaps need to get enough people to negotiate group discounts.

Just emailed you for additional questions, thanks.

I suspect you’ll find that the discount isn’t the problem here.

They’ve blown off both of my inquiries last week and the email they told me to send earlier this week.

Who would have thought that the ninjas would suddenly disappear, right?

More fool me! Sucks because I was hoping to use a broker. Are there other Mazda lease brokers in SoCal?

UPDATE: the ninjas are looking into my inquiry as per below. Will update this if anything pertinent transpires.

Pm me your email and I’ll look into it.

The problem is too few cars, not needing enough for group discounts

Hey I know you guys are busy, I had messaged you guys previously, but haven’t heard back.

I am not having luck with a 2021 Mazda 3 Turbo Premium Plus Sedan for a 12k/yr, 36-month lease. Dealers are either marking up or set on a selling price that is $32,860. That is with the $930 customer lease support incentive right now. People in another thread are suggesting I come here for numbers. Any idea?

Shoot me an email - if we have one, we’ll sell it - inquiries@autoleaseninjas.com

I’m interested in a CX30 turbo model, please let me know if you have any deals

Damn Mazda has gotten expensive…was hoping to nab the Cx-30 deals of old under 200

Hi, I’m looking for a CX5, please let me know if you have any deals :slight_smile:

Also looking for a CX-5. Preferably AWD Touring with Preferred SV package.

I’m looking to lease a CX5 touring AWD - silver or grey. Please let me know if you can arrange. Can sign this week. Thanks.

June numbers?