Audi Buyout Change effective 3/1/2022

As a heads up to those flipping or selling their leased Audi’s/cars through VW Financial. They have changed their buyout rules, even through authorized dealerships who are eligible to buy them.

All dealer buyouts are subject to a disposition fee, buy fee, and segment fee.

Disposition Fee: In most cases this is $495 - but your applicable dispo would be labeled on your contract. It is only waived if you go into another lease or buyout the car yourself.

Buy Fee: Flat $100, applied to every Audi/VW buyout

Segment Fee: This is the big change. Audi Financial is charging the following

  • $400 for Segment A (A3/Q3)
  • $600 for Segment B (A4/A5/Q5/Etron/TT)
  • $800 for Segment C (A6, A7, A8, Q7, Q8, R8, Etron Sport Back, RS Cars)

Example of a Q5 Buyout

  • $35,000 Buyout
  • $100 Buy Fee
  • $495 Disposition
  • Applicable Segment Fee of $600
    TOTAL BUYOUT: $36,195

Hope this info is useful. If you want your lease bought out, check out EQUITYHACKR | LEASEHACKR


Damn VW trying their best to make some money back after Felicity Ace.


Is this retroactive to existing leases or just new leases?

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Applicable to any current VW Credit lease, regardless of lease inception date.

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Retroactive. Sold my etron few days ago. I’m one of the early victims, having paid both the buy and segment fees. Luckily I still made out with nice positive equity.

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Yep it still makes sense. Audi’s hold a lot of equity so at the end of the day it’s certainly not a deal breaker. Dispo plus buy fee plus segment is a bit of a mental hurdle to get over though. I’ve personally written close to a 5 figure equity check on an RS car, so it makes sense that Audi wants its cut (especially with production cuts.)

How about VW vehicles?

Is the segment fee only for dealer buyouts? What if the lessee themselves does the buyout?

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you sell your etron? Autonation, Audi dealership, or third party? I want to sell mines as well.

I sold my etron recently and ended up selling to a dealer. For the most part, Autonation and Rodo had higher offers than most Audi dealers, but there was one Audi dealership that was beat Autonation and Rodo by $1,500.

If you purchase the vehicle yourself , do these fees apply? They are not included in my payoff statement. I think they only apply to dealer transactions. However , if you buy it yourself you pay sales tax.

Autonation gave me the best offer, beating those of my local dealers and some of the buyers on this forum.

I believe the segment & buy fee do not apply to consumer buyouts. I think the dispo still applies if bought out early.

That’s good to know. Hopefully can sell end of month.

Aww dealers.

Audi Financial pockets it, not dealers.

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Oh thanks for clarifying… as if we needed any more evidence that AFS is the worst pos finance arm in the industry. :roll_eyes:

@AutoLeaseNinjas Big thank you for the information.

Is the Segment Fee in lieu of the market adjustment (i.e., the markup to non-VW branded dealers), or is it in addition to?

Thanks again.

How are they able to get away with adding this if it was not in the original lease agreement?

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I believe they can get away with it since there is no language in the lease agreement allowing the lessee to sell the car to a third party. I do not believe they are applying these costs/fees retroactively to lessee buyouts, which are covered by the terms of the lease.

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