2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited

Hello. I am getting ready to dive into possibly leasing a 2020 Hyundai Palisade limited.

Does anyone have the MF, Residual and lease cash for 91423?

Also, any recent Palisade Limited hacks out there to learn from?

Thank you!

You’ll have to get this from Edmunds forums

Be prepared for an uphill battle. You’ll have much better luck with a fully loaded SEL over a limited.

Rodo has listed some limited models in socal for about 5% off pre-incentive in the past. People have had issues with the people honoring their deals, however, Rodo claims to have fixed that. It’s worth trying.

Thanks for the heads up and advice!

You would be much better purchasing than leasing on the Limited.

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I wonder if that approach is also true for an SEL.

For me, it didn’t. The extra lease incentives covered the acquisition fee and the difference in sales tax offset the extra interest paid with a MF that was higher than the apr available on a finance. Out of pocket costs ended up being quite close, but I don’t have to hold the risk of depreciation.

Thanks. I was looking at a Telluride, but realized that a Palisade might be a better fit. Do you mind sharing the deal you got?

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I have been able to negotiate the Palisade SEL down to $421 monthly and $2000 down (not fully loaded SEL - MSRP 38K). That said I am considering waiting till end of February before walking in and signing a lease on the SEL. I am not sure if they will change the numbers when I walk in though but I have 2 dealers who gave me these numbers after days of back and forth on who would give me the best deal in LA.

Why im waiting till end of February before leasing: Reason is the 2021 will be scheduled for release around may/june 2020 so I can negotiate the 2020 SEL much lower hopefully 3-4 months prior. Also end of Month of February will get them to give me their best offer.

I doubt you’re going to see much impact of 2021 models on 2020 sales 4 months before they come out. The longer you wait, however, puts you further and further away from the craziness that is a popular new model release. Things should normalize as time marches on

I’ve done my comparison shopping and realized that I’d really like a Palisade but I can only see upside in waiting until the hype dies down a bit (prices will either stay the same or go down). I had a Kia dealer tell me “everything is leasing at MSRP” and that he couldn’t help me out on a Telluride EX w/Premium.

To @karlz51 point, if I could get the SEL I’m looking at (MSRP of around $42k) down to from the absurd $580 I was offered I would do it in a heartbeat.

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if a dealer doesnt want negotiate then move to another dealer. Others Hyuandai dealers were willing to negotiate and sell esp now at the end of the year.

I believe that prices will come down on the 2020 Palisade starting January or February, reason is simple: EV and Hybrids in the next 2-3 years are making gas cars lose value quickly. At least thats what few mechanics and a salesman at Carmax told me. Hence why im leasing for another 36 months before I am ready to buy an EV in 2023

let me know how you make out

My wife has a 2018 Highlander XLE AWD and wanted to test the 2020 Palisade SEL AWD with MSRP of $38,950 (cloth) 2 days ago. We did and we liked it (except the off-center feel of the steering).
When we got home to think about it we could buy the Palisade for $37,750 plus tax and reg or get a Highlander (2019) XLE AWD with MSRP of $43,500 for $8,000 off at $35,500 that also has leather and nav.
While I do lease vehicles (2019 Tundra) I can’t see buying a Palisade without incentives as the depreciation is likely brutal.


FWIW, KBB is predicting the 5yr total cost of ownership (of which depreciation is a huge component) for the Palisade and Telluride won’t be much higher than the Highlander and Pilot.

I did not get the Palisade. Dealerships refused to budge on the lease price and the fact that you had to go for the higher MSRP SEL at $40,500 to get the premium package with Leather and LED lights was just a let down to me. They want you to pay an extra $5,000 almost to bite on the hype. I would also would not recommend to buy the Palisade. Never buy a 1st gen model. Wait for the second at minimum. I think best is to let the hype die on the Palisade which may happen once the 2021 model comes out and i think they would have incentives by then.

Ended up getting an amazing deal on the Acura MDX Base Model (comes with front LED lights, Leather seats etc.) : Acura MDX Base vs Tech Package Lease Deals

Also negotiated down the Acura MDX Tech Package (but didnt go for it) for $397 (before tax) monthly and $1,000 down / 36 months with $1,000 incentives applied for loyalty / $7,500 miles. No accessories.


The palisade definitely takes more effort to find a dealer willing to play, but there are some out there.
After incentives, I paid $6k under MSRP for mine.

I don’t doubt you can get 15% off a vehicle sitting on the lot but up in Green Bay, WI where I am they are lucky to have 2 in-stock at any one time and almost all are pre-ordered; there is nothing to discount.


I know there’s a dealer in chicago that’s been going pretty deep in the discounts.