2020 Ford Explorer XLT Quote from Brewster NY


Hello everyone,

This is what I got recently. How bad they are trying to **** me? :slight_smile:

Money Down 39mos
3,000 475
4,000 447
5,000 419

15,000 miles per year
MSRP $45,800
Discount $1,000
Internet Price $44,800

That’s horrible. For an XLT? That’s less than 3% off MSRP. If that ‘internet price’ is the final price, it sounds like they’re just pocketing the incentives, too.

Edit: look at this: Negotiating. Really frustrated

Take notes and do your homework :+1:t5:

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What can I tell him? That’s all the info he gave me.

ETA: thanks for link. I will take a look at it.

As an aside, if those numbers were actually something you were considering acceptable for your budget, the 0% financing, bonus ford cash, and delayed payments may not be a bad option for you.

Actually I was looking for something max at 375 but more interested in the low 300’s

Did you search the forum?

I did after (rookie start) but I am comparing now to find a way at negotiating.

A new mystery car! And my guess is a Ford… :mage::crystal_ball:…F150 or Exploder or Exebitching


Explorer XLT? F150 XLT? F250 XLT? Mazda Miata XLT?


Explorer! Sorry ! :grin:

How to negotiate the deal isn’t your first issue here.

The most important thing that goes into getting a good deal is being an informed consumer. You need to know every aspect of the deal. You need to know exactly what the vehicle should lease for before you ever talk to a dealer. Asking if this is a good deal or not tells me that you need to sort this part out first before you worry about getting a dealer to the price you want.

You can’t negotiate if you don’t know what you’re trying to negotiate to.