Signed: 2020 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD, MSRP $45.7k, $399/mo, $670 DAS

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2020 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD w/ 202A and Comfort Package. $399/mo, 36/10.5k, $600 DAS. Details attached. Thoughts? Added a calculator link but can’t get it completely accurate since I’m in NY and rolling taxes into monthly

I’d guess total MSRP considering its the bottomline figure. If the dealer uses the incorrect one, it will be rejected by the bank

It should be the total MSRP.

My recent Audi Q5 had a $1500 Convenience Package Credit and was subtracted to come to MSRP of $53745, which is what my RV numbers were based on for VW Credit.

Thanks @BoardWalkNJ and @calbear. I appreciate the info!

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I’m pretty sure its Total before Discounts when it comes to Fords. That’s how it’s been in the past with the F150 deals posted on here. Can you post the lease worksheet quotes you are getting from the dealers?

The MSRP is listed as Total After Discounts: $44725.

Do you have a copy of the other dealer that calculating it the other way?

Different equipment package but showing the pre discount MSRP. Residual is hand written but based off the pre discount MSRP.


Any thoughts?

I tried to get the dealer offering 419 down to 399 but they won’t budge.

Residual is based on higher number before option package discount, same with GM. But negotiate your 10% discount on the blue box.

Is that confirmed? How do I approach that situation with the dealer?

I haven’t seen anyone close to 10% off the blue box. Best I’ve gotten is 6.1%

It’s been discussed on here before(F150 threads last year), if the new Exploder is selling well 10% might not be achievable. How many dealers have you contacted?

Guess I’m confused how they could provide a worksheet with incorrect MSRP and residual?

I’ve reached out to between 6-8 dealers. I’m in upstate NY.

The msrp is correct, they just split the discount off and put in in your discount column, so it looks like they’re giving you $2800 off when it’s really only $1800.

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I provided two different quotes. One dealer did it one way and the other did the opposite. That’s why I’m confused as to which way is actually correct.

FWIW, it appears the lease estimate on Ford’s website uses the blue box MSRP which includes the equipment discount

Here is the X-Plan data for a 2020 Explorer XLT. It suggest there is only about 4% between MSRP and invoice which is in alignment with the discount you are showing on the optioned vehicle. Looks like you maybe missing some rebates however ($250) however that is mostly maid up with very reasonable doc/other fees. This seems like a pretty good deal to me, nonwithstanding MF and RV.

Spoke to the dealer who provided the discounted MSRP and a lower RV on the lease worksheet, they said it was an oversight on their end and apologized.

Hoping to see more aggressive discounts locally this month.

So dealer I was negotiationing with last month had a pre-incentive dealer discount of 2,250 listed on their website and I was able to get another 500 for 2,750 and was close to pulling the trigger but didn’t.

This month the pre-incentive dealer discount listed is 3,000 but they claim that’s only if I purchase instead of lease due to different dealer cash. At first sales person was unaware that the discount on website changed, or so they claim.

How should I handle?