2020 Bolt Premier $44630 MSRP One Pay $7867

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Chevy Bolt Premier
MSRP: $44630
Monthly Payment: $0
Drive-Off Amount: $7867
Annual Mileage:12000
Incentives: Costo 3000, Gm lease Cash 6750, GM Lease Loyalty 1500, Supplier Pricing to make Dealer Doc Fee as $75
Region: NJ
Leasehackr Score:46 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Here
Effective ~$80 a month after all rebates.

Sales Person: Jim Marks 856.983.9200 Extension 166
Tell Jim that Chetan referred you.


Outstanding, you’ve achieved the Bolt trifecta (Premier, Costco, NJ rebate).


Nicely done. Will be using you as a reference!

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Awesome deal. Congrats.

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I received a response in morning that they will provide me same deal like you but did not received quote yet… seems like many guys here reached them today :slight_smile:

What soured me on this idea was the insurance cost for the Bolt… I was quoted $540/6mo (and up) which is more then any other car I insure, some which are 2x more valuable then the Bolt. Doesn’t make any sense for the insurance companies to work against the EV movement.


Find another insurer. Total BS.

I do not even NEED a bolt but you’re making me thinking of getting one so I can enjoy low mileage GLE 53 lease.

Trying to gather data from those who have been successful in beating supplier pricing on a bolt in NJ.

My question is, how did you negotiate with the dealer? Email, Text, Phone or In Person?

One simple email did it for me,
I sent a lease proposal with 10% discount.
Sales manager responded with 8% discount and everything else inline.
At the time of delivery, finance person spotted a mistake of $400 and involved sales manager again.
SM asked me, if we can split and I accepted $200 bump.

Simple and easy experience.


So the government should also subsidize EV insurance?

From this article; The data suggests that the overall repair costs associated with EVs are on average 5 - 8% higher compared to ICE vehicles in the same price range while insurance premiums are 19% higher compared to ICE vehicles.

The government is already subsidizing the cost of the vehicle, but then the consumer is effectively suffering from unfair pricing gouging from the insurance companies. When it gets to the point where insurance costs 2x-3x more then the vehicle, I think there is a problem.


Welcome to FL.

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Leased one for me at the same dealership as @baggy with the same salesperson. Didn’t qualify for Supplier pricing though.

MSRP $44,235
Drive off $8255 (one pay)
Terms 36 months/10K miles

Calculator link
Talked over the phone and asked the salesperson to match Chetan’s deal. He came back with the above numbers. Didn’t bother to bargain and took the deal.

I have been driving three different Lexus cars for the past ten years. After stepping into this car, I am really shocked to see the poor quality of the interior for a car with an MSRP of $44000. Floor liners are slippery too.
Maybe, I shouldn’t complain too much as I got this for $90 a month and learn to live with it.

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Congrats! Yeah, the Bolt will be an enormous drop in quality coming from any Lexus ever made. It’s classic GM idiocy to put a fantastic EV platform in such a POS…hence having to basically give these away. I’m imagine it’s still the bean counters trying to self-sabotage so it doesn’t cut into profits in other ICE model lines. But hey - for $90/mo, you’re right that it’s hard to complain too much :laughing:

I’ve read that the 2021 has an improved interior, at least.

Now, How to get this Deal in SoCal , LA County

I have a Lexus ES and even though the interior and ride quality are far superior the Bolt powertrain is so much more responsive which makes it feel much more fun to drive and much faster.


I’ve never driven a Tesla (I know the power delivery is a lot more impressive) but there’s something really fun about putting the power down in the Bolt. Unlike anything else I’ve personally driven.

Yeah don’t drive a tesla or any fast EV then.

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Has anyone tried this?

If you don’t want to install a charging station costing thousands of dollars, you can get a safe, portable 220v converter for a fraction of that cost. With proper extension cords, a plug adapter (if necessary), and a little knowledge, you can charge your EV at home or at a relative’s house using standard household outlets—but charging fast on 220-240 volts.

How does this work? It’s pretty simple, actually. The Quick 220® voltage converter takes 110-120v power from two standard, out-of-phase wall outlets and combines it to produce 220-240v. It allows you to cut your EV charge time down by ½ to 1/3.

That’s a huge savings in time, and it makes the Quick 220® a great charging option for brief stays at someone else’s house. I.e., if you go to a friend’s house for dinner or spend the night at a relative’s house, the Quick 220® can give you a fast, safe 220v charge without any permanent charging equipment installed.

Here’s a video from Internet Guy on how to charge a Tesla with a Quick 220®. While every EV is different, this video serves as a great introduction to this safe, affordable charging method.