2019 XC90 T6 MOM [Loaner] $436/mo with $436 and 10 MSDs DAS

2019 VOLVO XC90 T6 MOM w/advanced, heated rear seats package, and 20"

MSRP: $62,030
Selling Price: $49,530 (20.15% off)
Monthly Payment: $436
Cash Due at Signing: $436
Incentives:$3,000 + $500 loyalty

Annual Mileage:7,500

I capped almost $4,000 - $2,110 tax, $799 dealer fee, $995 acquisition fee + title.
Here is the same deal, but broker style structured:
$324/mo + tax + ~$1,840 DAS + 10 MSDs

Went for a new XC60 T6, but did not like the numbers without MSDs, even with $4,500 incentives/loyalty and $1,000 Costco. So, XC90 loaner made more sense with MSDs. I did not plan to sign today, yet we did (happy wife…)
Traded in my financed Forester and will get a check for nice equity (got about 60% RV) after loan payoff and $4,500 MSDs. The dealer matched Carvana’s offer which was $950 higher than last month (go figure). Vroom was about $300 lower.


The bear strikes again.

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I guess I learned something in my 3 years here. Seriously.


But, are you sure you know the taxes were calculated correctly?

Big congrats! Tell your wife to enjoy!

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Yeah, VA on full price and $799 dealer fee plus they also have about $150 County tax.
And then I pay property tax :angry:


Congrats. Thinking about getting an R-Design T6 w/ 22s. They look great!

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I didn’t want anything more than 20". Even 275/45/20 is too low for me on an SUV

You could always move out of the Commonwealth…

Congrats on the vehicle, might get an Xc90 in a couple of years when wife’s QX60 lease is up.

What’s prop tax look like on that?

Terrible… lol At least it will be prorated for 6 months and I hope they also consider it was a loaner.
But for the full year - around $2,850

@cheapdad00 - you got it nice in NC :slight_smile:

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Holy balls, this is yearly?

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I didn’t realize Volvo discounts loaners to 20%. This and the T8 post opened my eyes.

Well, it goes down with the car’s value, obviously.
Oh, just realized - it’s on MSRP or current value, so $2,850 for the whole first year :slight_smile:

And this in addition to sales tax on purchase?


Neither did I. I was getting around 16% off before. But the dealer gave me the loaner bonus and all amortization for whatever time it was in service.

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Would be about $45 less per month and property tax would be $450 instead of $2850.

Hey hey! You got it! Solid deal my man

Does mileage adjustment work just like BMW? Any mileage limits to lease loaners?

Congrats Grizzly ! Thats a sick deal

Good work man! Love to see this!