2019 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid $120pm & $2,300 DAS

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid Base
MSRP: $26,465
Sale Price: $24,504
Monthly Payment: $120 ($113 per tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $2,300 (DMV $260, Dealer $699, First month $120, Tax 699, downpmt $500)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00147
Residual: $12,469
Incentives: 9,543 (9,043 from Hyundai and $500 from CT state)
Region: CT
Leasehackr Score: 13.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Approximate calc could not really match my deal

My total cost of the lease is $6,500 for 36 months.

Post-sale rebate - $500 bonus drive

Got this deal through RODO app on the phone.
Here is the write up of my experience.
RODO also has a referral link but only if you get a car through (not for simple downloading)
Get $50, receive $50 so why the hell not, :rofl:


So $167/mo…pretty solid deal, congrats!


Thank you:) Yes, effective $167 and for 12k not 10k.

Any limited’ s in stock?

How you enjoying the drive so far?

They have 6 base and 10 limited in stock.
The problem is today is the last day of the Dec rebates extension. Don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

IDK if you plan on keeping the car or not.

Just learned this,

The lifetime battery warranty is non-transferable.

Drove only 10 miles:) So much to report yet.

But it’s slightly better than expected since expectations were lowered significantly because I wanted cheap first, car second:)

Drives nice an quite, not jumping in every bump on the road.

I was pleasantly surprised by having heated seats in base clothe model.
Includes BlueLink app which also allows remote start through the app.

Get 650 range on one tank supposedly which is much better than Tacoma at 18mpg and even Jetta before that at 28mpg.

26 miles on electric only is a joke and take 2 hours on Level 2 which is even bigger joke.

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Doesn’t make sense to keep it at $12k residual after 3 years and 12k miles. I’m it will worth a lot less than that.

But good to know about the battery.

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I think non-transferable battery warranty makes it even less worthwhile to keep.

I have been seriously thinking about either leasing or purchasing the ioniq.

With the purchase, you do qualify for the federal tax credit plus you can get the 3k cash plus 1.9% saving money on the finance. after accounting for acquisition & disposition fees it is pretty much similar.

I drive a lot of miles so the hybrid MPG is valuable to me but the not sure about the lease part.

How much is “drive a lot”? 20k year?

Between 18-20k

Well, technically speaking, this lease total cost is $6,500 for 36k miles or $0.18 per mile and I saw in contract Hyundai charges $0.20 per mile. That would be another $140 per month just for the overage.

It could be less For 15k lease but still…

So here is my rough calc for purchase v lease.

Some modifications from your clac, i removed $500 CT rebate & Sales Tax for apples to apple comp.

I also reduced the RV to 40% instead of 47% to account for higher mileage. Updated for finance charge & downpayment.

One minor change - if I remember correctly - finance charge was ~$1,400 in the contract.

Thanks. I will update.

I think I didn’t go too detail with your downpayment and stuff…so it makes sense.

So the difference is even less…so tough to make a decision lol

That is refreshing considering it doesn’t even come with Blind Spot Technology

Wow. These just shot up this morning

What you mean?

Almost all Incentives are gone. RODO is listing it now as about $388/M with 3k DAS

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