2018 Range rover velar- R dynamics HSE

You’d think for cars with such poor residuals that Land Rover dealers would be more willing to come to the table with more than just a 4 or 5 percent discount.

I’ve been starting at 10% and been laughed at pretty much everywhere. The worst is the dealers that insist they can work with that just to get you in the door, and then when you get there flip back to “oh, sorry it’s a LR it’ll sell itself… not happening”

Why waste both our time having me come in?

Hey Desert,
Same experience here, i hate to go in and waste an hour with the same pricing at the end.

Do you mind sharing the dealer you worked with?

Happy to report that i picked up a 2018 P380 R dynamic SE for 770 a month all cost included. MSRP 76 K. Inception 1600 Includes first months pay.

Hello SMLooking4deals,

What state are you located in? I’m in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and I have been looking at the Velar for about a month and I’d prefer my payments to be between $750 and $800.

I’m honestly not sure which model to go with yet though because I’m not much of a speed junkie but I find that for the money the Velar is the best SUV out there. Makes the monthly payment worth it all from the inside and out. Thanks.

I got a P380 and i love it. It is def better than P250. I got my deal in PA ( I am in NJ). with 2K due at signing, you can easily negotiate a P380 r dynamics with SE package for 800 a month. It would be a 2018 model. Make sure you ask the JLR dealer to see if they have any PIN deal.

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Best SUV for the money, especially within the last couple of months of SUV deals is definitely debatable. Audi SQ5 and Q7 are the cheapest they’ve been for this generation and can be had for $600-800p/m, 2018 BMW X5 can be had in the $600’s. Even the Volvo XC60 and XC90 can be had for less than many Velars. We’ve seen P380S ex-loaners/demos in the $600’s but even as a British person I could not justify the Velar over most of the competition.

Aj I respectfully disagree, you canot get an X5 for without heavy down payment. Volvo’s are the worst. If you are not happy with the car you cannot swap the lease. However i do agree with you on the Audi’s (again with heavy down payment). I love my P380, drives beter than a standard X5 for the same price.

I get that you have a Velar, but the numbers I posted have been benchmarked several times in the last couple of months even in high sales tax states like mine here in Texas.

SQ5: 2018 Audi SQ5 p+ $626 pm 39/12 and SQ5 Prestige - Texas
X3 M40i (which I didn’t mention but is more similar to the Velar P380 than the X5): '18 X3 m40i MSRP 59k 1.9k DAS $599 + Tax
X5 35i or 40e: BMW X5 40e 510+tax, $3k DAS and SIGNED 2018 X5 $599.01/mo

I’m working on my own 2019 X3 M40i deal at the moment which should be in the low $700’s for a $62k MSRP vehicle. I like the Velar but it’s crazy that certain features like blindspot monitoring requires higher trim levels, and often ends up being close to RR Sport money.

Check out LR Roanoke. They make still have a 2018 white 380 HSE in stock.

Aj precisely my point, if you are at 3k DAS, you can get a velar at 700. I have owned a 335 and a X5. For the money and drive i def love the velar. Before i picked up the velar i had some awesome deals on BMW X5, at 3K DAS, i was exactly at 705.

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the response. What total months and mileage did you opt for?

Just did this car yesterday on an employee PIN

39/15 w $2500 total due for $646/month including 6.25% tax

Hi. Just saw your post on the velar deal. Where was this deal done and can it be replicated? I’m in the market for an suv as my current lease is up in less than 2 months. Thanks!

Employee PIN is the only way

New England

Are PIN deals ever available on the full size RR or RRS?

I haven’t seen them before but don’t work for JLR and have only been doing this for about 4 months.

My guess is either they don’t or they don’t get sent to customers.

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Thanks for letting me know!

Of course! Don’t take my word on this as gospel.

I get a 6% discount on non supercharged RRs and that’s about all I know. 5% for non supercharged

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