SQ5 Prestige - Texas

I’ve been looking for xc60s but local dealers want crazy money 1k+ so I moved to Audi, this is the best offer I’ve received so far, I know it’s far from great, but I need help making a counter offer.

MY2018 SQ5 Prestige
MSRP - 68490
Incentives - 2250 (do not qualify for loyalty)
Selling price including incentives - 62800 - selling price is bad, but dealer is quoting “1500 below invoice”
MF - .00164
MSDs - 10
RV - 59% with Audicare
Tax in TX on lease 6.25% (some dealers have tax credits, I asked but the “1500 below invoice” is in lieu of that according to dealer)
DAS - 5275
MSDs - 7k
Per month - 701

My Calculator is off as I don’t know the dealer fees - leasehackr.com/calculator?make=Audi&msrp=68490&sales_price=62800&months=36&mf=.00164&dp=0&doc_fee=80&acq_fee=695&taxed_inc=0&untaxed_inc=0&rebate=0&resP=59&reg_fee=400&sales_tax=6.25&memo=&acqFee_check=true&salesPriceTax_radio=true&miles=12000&msd=10

My goal is around 625-640, but that out of pocket hurts, but that’s Texas taxes…

First thing to do would be move down in trim to Premium + where the residual is better. Prestige trim is a loser on value. From there it’s just a discount game, you seem to know the drill with MSDs so that’s covered.


I agree, but I like the tech package only available in the prestige, it’s not available in P+. I may move down if I can’t get down in price.

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Yes @Siejammy I am looking at the Premium + trim - base - as I want a driver’s car - not a cushy techy car.

It’s a great car that rivals the 4 cylinder Porsche Macan especially with a better supercharged 6 cylinder engine.

2 things that bother me:
Fake exhaust panels - wish they would bring back the dual or quad exhausts.
21" summer tires are rather useless for winter driving and finding winter rubber for 21" is very scarce…

for SQ5 the difference in residuals for prestige and P+ is only 1% i believe

Yes but the MSRP is much lower.
I am looking at a base SQ5 for $59K

I mean, I should just give up right? this is on a P+ ignored every request I had, rolled everything in, didn’t include MSDs. I do not know what I am doing wrong.

The SQ5 uses a turbocharged V6 in a “hit-V” format.

Use this deal as a general basis of comparison, your taxes and fees may differ of course. Work backwards in the LH calculator with the discount benchmark and come to a breakdown of what your realistic monthly looks like.

From there I would skip the sales guys, call and ask to speak to the manager, tell them your price point and what MSDs you need to put down and if you’re ready to pull the trigger, say so.

That initial deal on the Prestige SQ5 in Texas is pretty good. You’re at 10% discount, if it’s been sat on the lot you might get an extra 1-2% off if you hold out or wait for month end. Going down a trim level and/or lowering options is the easiest way of reducing.

To put it in perspective I’m looking at mid-high optioned loaner X3 M40i ~675 with 0 down (Texas, no MSDs).

That discount is inclusive of the 2250 via season of audi and 1500 lease cash, not much of a discount IMO, I think I may know what demo x3 you’re looking at if it’s in Houston, because I may be also eyeing that.

Without Loyalty on the SQ5 I would go with BMW unless the interior is the deciding factor. Getting a deal on the X3 M40i loaner will be alot easier, but I think we both prefer the Audi interior from what you wrote. The only SQ5 I can see that might be ex-demo is this one: https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/new/searchresults.action?sourceContext=NewCarsTab&entitySelectingHelper.selectedEntity=d2237&distance=500&zip=77380#listing=213440175 but it’s only Premium+

I just received the below screen shot offer and am a little confused about where the out of pocket is going, doesn’t mention cap cost reduction. I want to pay all fees/taxes out of pocket + max MSDs. Which should be 9k max. Dealer told me that I’m only allowed to put down 9 and not 10. I believe 10 are being used but only marked down by 9.

According to the dealer’s lease worksheet, there is a cash cap reduction of 1,942.21 and a rebate (cap reduction) of 2,250. Here’s what seems to be happening…

Gross Cap = 59,108 + 869 = 59,997
Adjusted Cap = 59,997 (gross cap) - 1,942.21 (cash cap reduc) - 2,250 (rebate cap reduc) + 895 (acq fee?) + 710.73 (tax)

Amount due at signing (out of pocket)…
1st pay = 614.79
9 MSD’s @700 each or, 10 MSD’s @ 630 each = 6,300… you’ll need to determine how the sec. deposit is determined… my guess is that it’s 700
annual fees ? = 153 don’t know what this is
initial fees ? = 190 could be DMV fees
cash cap reduc = 1,942.21
11,450 amt due at start = 9,200 cash due + 2,250 rebate

A money factor of 0.00119 is horrible if you’re making 9 or 10 MSD’s. That’s about a 2.85% annual interest rate.
TX levies tax on the sell price. Not sure how they arrive at 710.73 tax as that implies a sell price of 56,858 … 1.25% x 56,858 = 710.73. Note that 56,858 is below the initial cap… it doesn’t make sense given the data.
Why isn’t the 2,250 rebate taxed? Is it a manufacturer to dealer incentive? Something seems to be missing unless there is a tax credit involved which might trigger even more questions.

That makes more sense to me, I was wondering about the 2250, that is holiday of audi + 1500 lease cash. Yes there is a tax credit of 5%. The MF before MSDs was .00164. It would make more sense in my head to fork over another 500 to lower the payments to 599.xx and that would effectly drop the MSDs from 6300 to 5400. That would save 400 up front and roughly 540 over the cost of the lease.

I found an SQ5 that I want and neither the salesman nor the sales manager have heard of MSD’s.

Does anyone know if it is valid in some regions and not others?

I have used this successfully with BMW but don’t have experience with Audi.


You’ll probably have to find another dealer. Uninformed salespeople rarely admit it or take the effort to learn something new.

Color combos that I am looking for are few and far between so I am stuck with them. Hopefully they will figure it out. :wink:

just say “I’d like to pay up front multiple security deposits in order to pay down the money factor of .00164” (if 36/12). If they still say, “what’s that?” tell them to have their finance manager call Audi Financial and get the details.

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Went to another dealer. Apparently they are already using 0.00164 and the program doesn’t allow for MSDs.

Best I’m getting so far is 735 per mo with sales tax with $3000 total drive off