2018 Audi SQ5 p+ $626 pm 39/12

Ok folks, my turn to share a new one. The getting is good on SQ5s so if you are considering one, now is the time. I broke my current Audi lease early to upgrade so there is ~$1k of negative equity rolled into this deal. You should be able to do even better without that factoring in.

2018 Audi SQ5

**MSRP: $63.5K
**Selling Price: $53.9K + $869 Audi Care (this has the $1k neg equity in it, stripped out the total discount is ~17%)
**Monthly Payment: $626
**Incentives: $3,750 - $1k Audi loyalty, $2,750 SQ5 lease cash + Season of Audi
**Dealer discount : 11%
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,300 (1st month, doc, tax/title) + $6,500 MSD
MSD: $6,500

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12K
MF: .00164 (base rate)
Residual: 58% (1% from Audicare)

Region: New England

THINGS TO KNOW - This deal is replicable even without Audi loyalty given my $1k neg equity element. If you have loyalty, this deal (with my tax rate) is literally sub $600. If you put 0 MSDs down you would still barely be above the 1% rule. Shoot for 10% - 12% in dealer discount before incentives, it is doable.

When deciding on 39 vs. 36 month terms, factor in what your state/local registration fees and cycles are. For me, registrations are every 2 years so adding 3 months to a normal 36 month term doesn’t change much for me. If you pay yearly however, be sure to think about that cost vs. the benefit of 3 extra months into year 3.

Special thanks to @mikem @IvanAudi and @Jonathan, oh and @Ursus for some calculator mentoring :rofl:


Very impressive considering the $1k negative.

Welcome to the sq5 fam!

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Does that monthly payment of $626 include tax?

Yes, the calculator link will show you the pre-tax monthly and then the monthly with tax. If you want to plug and play in a scenario where you get 100% of the incentives and without my neg equity component, use this:

Did you pay the doc fee upfront?

:thinking: hmmm I think he did.

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looks like nearly 700 for me with some adjustments. out of range unfortunately

Care to share which dealership you went through? I’m currently actively shopping deals for this car in the same region (Northeast).