2018 Outlander PHEV SEL in Dallas - $319 Down, $309 a month ($239 after $2,500 EV Rebate)

Pretty sure this deal can be replicated as they have a handful left, but I just picked up another 2018 Outlander PHEV.

Please note that I put zero down, but the Outlander PHEV also qualifies for the $2,500 rebate from the state of Texas when leased for 36 months.

Dealer / Ally also has sales tax credits available, which is what also helps make the lease so affordable.

This is our family’s 4th plug-in hybrid. Had to get an SUV for our growing family. Love driving electric (the Outlander PHEV has a 25 mile all electric range) but this also has full gas engine which allows us the ability to road trip.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SEL (base model but still has leather, backup camera, etc.)

**MSRP: $36,210
**Selling Price: $32,210
**Monthly Payment: $309
**Cash Due at Signing: $319

**Annual Mileage:10k
**Incentives: $5,050 ($4,800 for federal EV rebate and $250 Mitsu loyalty)

**Leasehackr Score:9.7

Note that Leashackr score jumps to 12.7 if you factor in the $2,500 rebate I’ll be getting from the state as an additional incentive.


That’s a great deal!

I was looking at the Outlander PHEV GT trim and the dealers here in So Cal would not discount the vehicle much.

There is a big push here in CA due to the new HOV carpool eligibility so everyone who had the old stickers are dumping their rides for the new cars that are HOV eligible…

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Could have gotten a GT for prob an extra 50 a month, but all it really adds is a sunroof and upgraded stereo. Just not really worth it since the SEL is well equipped including leather, blind spot monitoring, backup cam, etc.

Can you please PM me dealer info

I read that it was a bit gutless and noisy? Is that true? The 22 miles of electric only and price are certainly pluses.

Is the $4800 EV rebate only valid in TX? Dealers in CA are not offering it.

It’s a federal tax rebate that the bank claims and passes on to customers.
Most EVs and plugins are leased with that in CA too.
The rebate on the Outlander PHEV is actually 5836$.

I don’t know what you mean but gutless and noisy. It’s primarily an EV and very quiet. When the engine kicks on, it’s a lot quieter than our 2014 Volt. Sounds like you should drive it. If you want an SUV EV with a gas engine for road trips, you don’t really have any other choices. We live in an urban area and can recharge at home with our upgraded charging, so even the 22 mile range will cover most of our daily usage and the gas engine allows us backup in case we want to road trip for family.

With regards to the $4,800 lease incentive, that is a capitalized cost reduction provided by Ally (in effect, it is them passing on the Federal EV Tax Rebate they will receive; if you purchased and had the taxable income, you would be able to receive a tax credit of $5,836). This should basically be offered universally across the US. Got a feeling you might just be dealing with a Mitsubishi dealer who doesn’t know about EVs. Definitely not unheard of. You might also qualify for a state rebate after the point of sale, but I can’t speak to specifics of Cali rebates.

Thanks Ryan. None of the Mitsu dealers offer the Ally $4800 EV lease incentive here in northern CA. I will go back and ask them.

Thank you Ryan I got close I did not get Mitsu loyalty.

I was looking at this 2018 Outlander PHEV SEL deal at a dealer in Dallas same MF .47% I divided it by 2400 to get .00019583 (.0002)rounded.

They quoted me
MSRP: 36,210
Selling Price: 32,110
Monthly payment: $317 includes tax of $553
Cash Due at signing: $326

Month: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.47% or .0002
Incentives: $4800 for federal EV rebate Ally
Residual: $17,300

Region: Texas
LeaseHackr score: 9.6
They said I get $2,500 rebate from Texas TCEQ

Forget my money factor, but I think it was like .0002. Remember it converted to 0.49% APR.

Not sure where you’re looking but connect with Jarryd or Brett at Don Herring Mitsubishi in Irving and tell them I sent you.

I’ve signed 2 leases with them in 3 months.

Any luck? I really want an outlander deal in California. If anyone has a lead, please share.

I’m looking to get one of these for my wife. I was thinking purchase, but a lease is probably the better play here. Do you think I could get a similar deal in MA? Will they do 12k miles a year on these instead of the 10k?

I live in Massachusetts too, and I found this site to be very helpful:


I have been talking with Cornerstone Mitsubishi in Wilmington, and they seem reasonable.

Note that the $2,500 credit from the state ends on 12/31/18 aka TODAY, so if you want the credit, you need to close your deal today. You can get the credit if you lease for 36 months.

Please call commerce Mitsubishi…you might not get a deal but boy you can have some laughs!

Ryan when did you apply for the rebate? and when did you get the $$$?

When do I apply for the Tx Rebate leased the vehicle 12/24? I have emailed Brett my filled out form for him to fill out dealer info and requested singed by both parties copy of the lease contract and the tx application for title and registration.


A sunroof, an upgraded stereo, forward collision mitigation, lane departure warning, multi-view camera, LED headlights, automatic high beams…

I was working with a dealer in Nor Cal on a deal for this car, and they seem to think they’re sitting on a pot of gold and unwilling to negotiate beyond $200 off MSRP for a what’s a 2018 model that’s been sitting at the dealer for months.

Yup, I agree. Rates they (nor cal dealers) are quoting for outlander phev GT almost matches with 2018 BMW X5 40e lease prices. I wonder who is buying at those prices.

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Is $32K your gross cap cost?
A local dealer here in CA is quoting me $36K gross cap cost, $31K net cap cost, $2K due at signing, 10K miles, $400/ month payment incl taxes–how did you get such a great deal, or am I missing something?