Plug-in hybrid lease options in NY/NJ

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a replacement of wife’s Nissan Rogue now. We will finally have our own house soon and would like to take advantage of being able to charge the car at home and skip the gas station.

We’re interested in plug-in hybrid suv with awd.
20 miles of full electric range is good enough for the wife because she’s mostly driving 20 miles/day in stop & go traffic in nyc.

MB GLC300e and BMW X5 are too expensive.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV cought our eye. It has good ground clearance, decent awd and safety tech while being cheaper than similar vehicles.

Are any hackrs leasing Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in NY/NJ area and what is a fair lease cost for it?
Dealers are welcome to chime in.


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In general PHEV’s don’t lease well (low residual). That said, Outlander PHEV is one that seems to do ok.

If you want a PHEV SUV that isn’t a RR/MB/BMW, most are new product intros: RAV4 CRV and upcoming Escape plug-in hybrid. None seem to lease well but do your homework and share a calculator link it you want a deal check.

Good luck!


What is your budget? Glc350e prices are a lot lower than x5e and lower than some of the outlander phev prices I have seen.

I am following this now, need a new car lease in a week but i didn’t think any hybrid cars lease well at all.

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The only Outlander PHEV mentioned lately on Leasehackr is this one in TX:

$309/m , 319 DAS. That’s before state rebate.
MB GLCe is close to $500 with $0 Das.

There are alot of treads about the Fusion Energi that say otherwise.

Does a year ago really count as lately?

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PHEV != hybrid

The latter leases better than the former (tax credit distortion). Plenty of hybrids lease well.

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With that kind of driving you’ll probably only spend about $80 a month on gas, not sure you’ll get any savings driving a battery car.

Where is the “aww hell no” gif when you need one?


Yeah, I agree…the Outlander looks different from Lexus and Infinity which kids who still live with their moms drive around Brooklyn.
That’s a personal preference about looks and value for the price , so no judgements here.
Please share a better (4wd plug in hybrid with decent ground clearance) option below 40k .

Yeah, around $80/month. Savings will depend on price difference between current car and plug-in.
When you’re busy and there’s a line at the gas station , that’s very convenient to just drive home and charge it.

This is leasehackr. MSRP is rarely a good measure of what a lease price will be.

Yeah I don’t know about that, you’re talking about filling up 2 to 3 times a month, how long does that really take? Just hack an X1 or X2 fart car, you’ll be way happier than if you get a mitsu or some other plug in hybrid with a terrible residual and high payment relative to the msrp(rav4)


That’s also true :+1:

I have to question this premise.

If you street parked and needed to get over the piles left behind by the plows that would be one thing. But you just said you bought your own house where you can charge a PHEV so doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

Sounds like you didn’t have a taller SUV in NY. Once you try it , you’ll never go back to sedan.

You still have to street park at work, shopping and get over the piles left by plows at the entrance to your driveway.

Living in Northeast, I will never go back to driving sedans and 2wd again because of the winter.
I had my own driveways before and still had to shovel the way out for a sedan.
With a high ground clearance SUV I never had to shovel except for “snowmageddon” . Also AWD is very helpful not just for getting out of a parking spot.
That’s the reason you see so many Subarus in northern part of Northeast .

Anyway I was just asking for help with Mitsubishi lease numbers but it looks like very few active users have one here.

The car sells in low numbers and not that many can be found on dealer lots so getting a decent deal outside CA can de difficult.

Sales by month in US:
Outlander PHEV 133, 157, 341, 163, 232, 222, 213, 277, 176, 255, 372

I would rather wait for the RAV4 Prime and buy that than lease/buy/borrow/rent an Outlander PHEV.

Maybe even get a Niro PHEV, but I have no idea how those lease.

That is because few people anywhere in the northeast own a new Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi is barely holding on in the USA market. Are there a multitude of dealerships you know of to compete for price?