2018 Outlander PHEV SEL in Dallas - $319 Down, $309 a month ($239 after $2,500 EV Rebate)

Not sure if this deal is re-produce able any more. I called this dealer 4 times to talk to Brett or Jarryd, couldn’t get hold on either of them. Left messages, haven’t got a call back. I didn;t even say about the deal in my message yet…


Which city did you register your vehicles in . I just got hit from ally bank with taxes due from city of Irving, TX that Ally paid for already. Anyway to dispute this $800+ dollars?

Just had same thing happen. Called Ally and they told me the dealer never notarized the paperwork which says the lease was for personal use and therefore exempt from personal property taxes. They found the original form submitted but said it was clearly dealer error. Ally waived the charge and just had me fill out the form, notarIze and mail to them. The form can be found on the Texas comptroller (or similar website), something along the lines of a “Leasee Personal Use Affidavit”. Either way, just call Ally and they can help you out.

Yes exactly as you described dealer submitted original paperwork in error not signed or notarized. The form is 50-285. Sent it in to Ally. They will waive the charge. Form is called “Lessee’s Affidavit for Motor Vehicle Use Other Than Production of Income”

I also received a letter from TERP thanking me for complying with the rebate and releasing me from any further obligations. So I could essentially transfer this lease now.

Have you leased anything new to replace your Outlander?