2018 Chevy Volt LT - $6640 One Pay - 36mo/12K - California 🔥

UPDATE: NorCal dealers matching for $7200 one-pay – 2018 Chevy Volt LT - $6640 One Pay - 36mo/12K - California 🔥

2018 Chevrolet Volt LT

MSRP: $34,160
Selling Price: $29,475
Down Payment: $0
Incentives: $8438.73 (includes conquest and GM discounts)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00006
Residual: $16,738.40

Zip Code: 95757 (7.75% tax)
Leasehackr Score: ~19 ??? (calculator can’t do it properly)

FYI, I also leased a version without using GM discount and it came out to: $7327.57 one-pay

Thanks everyone on here for the help. Especially @speed, @Svsfan, @panerainovice

I contacted the dealer about the $7500 one-pay, but instead they offered me this…

This requires two conditional rebates:

  • Asian conquest (1999 or newer asian car)
  • GM Discount (They require proof: paystub or company ID):

https://www.gmeducatordiscount.com/ (this is what I used)

I am from NorCal (Sacramento), but she also helped me arrange shipment, which was $350.

Here is a copy of my lease agreement if you want to use it to pricematch:


NOTE: The price on my lease agreement includes the $350 shipping cost. Kind of a bummer it doesn’t include the raw price so the numbers would look better.

For me, after CA Rebate ($1500), Utility Rebate ($600), and $350 shipping, it will be about ~$138/mo.

Super happy. A great continuation of the Spark EV deal I got 3-years ago.

Also, I need another GM Discount code to get one for a friend. If anyone has a GM Supplier code to share, please message me. You can share a GM Supplier code if you recently leased a GM car using GM Supplier discounts.


Super deal +++++???

Love it. WE should see VOLTS at 99 a month pretty soon …

If you qualify for the below poverty rebate…

$1500 (regular CA Rebate) - $2000 poverty Rebate - $600 (SMUD Utility Rebate)

You are at $70/mo…

There you go @vhooloo, your prophecy has arrived…

Thank you thank you thank you - … The crystal balls prophecy is infallible … & congrats on your nice deal :slight_smile: : I also fixed the title for you :fire:

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@ultratech tagging you so you get this update.

this is an awesome deal

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The one pay was actually $6620.69, adding the $350 shipping to the deal increased it by almost $370.

For those from NorCal, $350 shipping is not bad I don’t think the NorCal dealers usually come within $1k of socal dealers (I’m just comparing chevyphils deals vs Chevy sales girls deals)


Congrats to the OP, really good deal!

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Marci is the best. I can’t vouch enough for her. SoCal buyers should contact Marci for the best deal.

Congrats, OP

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congrats!!! that’s a hell of a deal! Would you mind PMing me your dealer contact info? TIA!

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Congrats @vinhboy. I should have let you negotiate my Bolt deal instead :smiley:

My mind is blown…literally blown.

@TheTrain09 got the similar deal from her a few days ago.

And add that San Joaquin Valley $3,000 Rebate… and you got paid to take one.
How much is the Educator Discount?
$7327 vs $6640 ?

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Seriously, read the OP. And please don’t ruin it for other users by not reading the OP and calling the dealership.

Did you ask if any decent deal on the Bolt ?

@ultratech I was quoted like $12K for the Bolt, so that’s no good. The difference between GM discount and no discount is like $600…

It finally arrived today. Super stoked! The Volt is a much nicer looking car than I anticipated (I never saw it in person). I wonder if that’s another leasehackr’s buick encore in the back there… haha…

Has anyone gotten other dealers to match? Best I got so far is $8300 here in sacramento.

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San Joaquin valley rebate is $2k for plug in hybrid and $3k for BEV, so only $2k for volt

Congrats on the delivery of the volt. The bolt is substantially better than the spark. I haven’t driven the volt or been inside one but I’m sure it will be improvement over the spark.

Like the color, same one im looking at. waiting on some quotes to come in now.