2017 BMW 330i Wagon - $216+tax

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 BMW 330i xdrive Wagon with 3,715 miles]
Options: [Navigation, Dakota Leather, Harman Kardon Sound System, Heated seats, LED Headlights]

MSRP: [$52,105]
Selling Price: [$38,987] (25% off MSRP before rebate)
Rebates: [$3000 BMW Lease Credit] (didn’t qualify for anything else)
Additional Fees: [$925 Accq Fee, $215 Doc]
Total Cap Cost: [$36,692]
Residual: [$34,106 after mileage adjustment]

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [0.00152] (negotiated down from 0.00192)
Residual: [67% minus $803.75 for mileage adjustment] (3,715 miles on loaner)

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$700, includes first month payment]
Monthly Payment (excl. tax): [$216]
Monthly Payment (incl tax): [$265] (8% + $703 registration/PPT rolled into the monthly)

Leasehackr Score: [18.9 years]

BMW CCA Rebate: [$250]

Spent a long time hunting for that elusive sub $200 deal, was determined to try and be leasehackr king. :slight_smile: But always have wanted an Alpine White wagon, saw the listing pop up on autotrader for the asking price which was absurdly low for a sub 4,000 mile loaner that was pretty loaded. Called them up, asked if the advertised price included the BMW Lease rebate, saleswoman thought it did but said would call back. Figured okay nice deal, but not what I’m looking for. Few minutes later called back saying it in fact did not. Had them draw me up a lease quote real fast, came back good except for a marked up MF. Asked for the standard MF and $500 off the sale price. Came back saying no dice on the extra discount but would give me standard MF. Good enough for me!

It seems for 2018 now BMW is collecting the MO personal property tax up front instead of billed at the end of the year like they did on my Mini, so the registration fee seems pretty high compared to most. I was fighting it because I didn’t quite understand what they were doing now. So my overall monthly payment is $265.25.

For those who don’t know. MO tax is roughly 8% on the monthly payment, but at the end of the year whatever car you owned (or leasing) at the beginning of the year is taxed 8% on 1/4 of the trade in value, so in the case of the BMW, it calculates out to roughly $700 that would be billed at the end of the year. It seems that BMWFS has now decided that for MO it’s rolled into the monthly payment instead of billed out at once, so the effective tax rate on the monthly for MO is now like 23%. All has to get paid at some point, so just makes it part of the total lease cost of leasing in MO. I left out that part in the numbers above to make it easier to compare for others.

Car was located in Baton Rouge with Brian Harris BMW. Great team there, they picked me up from New Orleans airport almost an hour away. Was a quick 10 hour drive home. They were pleasant to chat with on the phone, gave me no B.S. numbers, very reasonable doc fees. Had the deal completed in less than two 5 minute phone calls, and all the paperwork signed and on my way within 45 minutes. All this grinding for a month with a dozen dealers on a bunch of cars, to have everything wrapped up in 30 minutes from finding the car on autotrader to sending the deposit. :slight_smile:


Wow incredible deal man.
Beautiful car with great options. Enjoy!!

Awesome job, determination paid off.

amazing, good job!!!

Awesome job! That’s a great deal.

Congrats, great deal!

Excellent work - great deal! That car is exactly how I would have equipped it.

I continue to be impressed by the dedication to the hacking craft by our top hackrs and trusted hackrs.

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Wow! That’s a fantastic deal/steal. Here in Boston, can’t come close on a lesser MSRP model; only willing to discount ~10-11% off MSRP despite having several 2017 wagons on the lot. I will use your deal as proof NE dealers are out of whack!

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great deal, nice to see a deal can be found not in CA or NY/NJ!

Thanks! Isn’t quite the insane Mini deal I came off of ($135 a month on a $36k car) but was happy to find another unique and fun/useful vehicle to use given that I have a two week old baby now!

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my 11 month old is what drove me to get something a bit bigger too! Congrats!

omg- I would have jumped on this deal in a heartbeat! Super hard to find wagons and on those terms too. Super lucky!

Congrats!! I love wagons.


Nice catch and great lease I can’t believe how aggressive the BMW deals are this month.

very nice deal. So no one is MO was able to match this or there were no wagons here ? :slight_smile:

The best I got in MO was a sale price of $39k after rebates on a $52k M-sport sedan at Autohaus with a sales guy who’s a family friend, was a friendly negoitation where I told them I didn’t want to waste their time, this is what I was shooting for, this is how I’m going to get to it, and this is how far apart we are, they came down almost $4k (rebate not included), but it still wasn’t enough. Was $325 IIRC. No wagons to be found.

My target was either a loaded M-sport sedan, or a wagon with LED headlights at least, wasn’t terribly interested in a non-m-sport sedan since at that point, I’d just stick to driving my truck.

I also tried with Autohaus and internet manager told me that the discount I am looking for is not possible so I left it there and didn’t pursue it. And good to know about the property tax as I wasn’t aware of it that they don’t bill it at year end now.

I’ll be honest, I kinda got mad for a second with the finance guy when the numbers on the sheet were coming in way higher. He didn’t quite know exactly why since never has done a MO deal, just said something about the taxes. We looked into it and was able to figure out that the PPT was now rolled in vs being billed at the end of the year.

Still would prefer the end of the year billing as that is just what I am used to, and makes that number in my bank account each month look lower. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats bud, I just caught the bmw wagon bug and have been scrambling to find a similar car in SoCal. Did you just hit them with 25% off or was that just part of their ad? Hopefully the trunk money stays the same if I can’t locate one by tonight

It was their listed price, which is why I thought for sure it included the rebate, but called anyways. Once they said it didn’t include it then it was game on and knew that unless they were trying to pull some tricks then it’d be a killer deal. But besides the marked up MF the first time around everything else was perfectly reasonable. Gave me buy rate when I asked and was a done deal.

If it means anything, in the past BMW keeps the lease credit for older model years all the way through March or April. Though in the past it was only $1000, but that was also the time of 0.00132 and 70% residuals.