2016 BMW 328i - $370 / month is a good deal?

I am getting 2016 BMW 328i for $370 / month with 1k down and about $2500 in MSD’s. Is it good deal? MSRP of car is around 45k and getting discount of about 15% on MSRP?

If it’s brand new it is an ok discount and decent deal. BUt try to get 20% off and then it would be a better deal.

No it has about 6k miles… Price including taxes.

Then it is not good. You need at least 25% off to make up for 6k miles.

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I just closed on a lease 2 days ago for this same situation. I would say yours is not a very good deal in comparison:

2016 loaner with 7k miles.

MSRP : $42,775
Invoice price :$38,840
Selling Price : $32,000
MF rate : .00134
Residual amt : 60% of MSRP at 10k Miles/year
Miles / yr : 10.000
Months :36
Acquisition Fee : $925.00
DMV fees : $310.00

Your drive off is $1,740.71 with a payment of $295.98+tax

I actually got him down a bit more to $41800 for the final sale. I did utlilize 7 MSD as well, not reflected in these numbers. After msd, it was around 300 after tax.

For further info, the options I got were limited. It’s a base with sport package (all 2016 328i have that by default now), sunroof, heated seats, black kidney grill, driver assistance package, led door projector, upgraded 18 wheels.

I would ask for a bigger discount, much bigger especially on a 2016. This was my deal back a couple months ago.

2016 340i 6 speed manual
MSRP: 57015
Selling price: 45880
Acquisition fee: 925
Lic./Reg fees: 369
Misc fees (tire, transfer, etc): 180
Rebate tax: 166.40
MF with 7 MSD: 0.00127 (they would not budge from markup)
Residual: 65%, 36 months, 12k miles

$1000 Loyalty
$1000 Graduate
$300 Cap Cost Reduction (I calculated this because I was banking on 0.00087 MF, and this would have made my payments $300.00, but didn’t work out because of MF markup)
Total due at signing = $2450 (MSD) + $1375 (lic/reg, misc fees, rebate tax, 300 cap cost red.) = $3825.

My payments are $330 after tax.

Also just helped a friend lease a base 320i for $213 a month with 7 MSD. I don’t have her deal specifics but that was her monthly with tax.


Wow that is ridiculous! Are you in socal?

I am in Socal. I flew up to Norcal to pick up my 340i. My friend leased her 320i down here in Socal. She also leased a X3 in Socal as well.

No in Ohio. I know prices here are not as impressive as SoCAL

Contact @Jasonbmwcincy, He is advertising deals on loaners in Cincinatti