2016 BMW 328i SoCal

Hey hackrs, total noob here. I used the knowledge I learned from these forums, just reading it for a week straight and applied it in the field. This is what I got after several rounds of negotations, but I just feel like I’m still being steamrolled-

Wouldn’t want to put down any cash other than fees, but even adding back the cap cost reduction, you are at about $400 on a $48,000 car. Certainly not getting steamrolled. There might be a little wiggle room, but deal seems at least decent to me other than the structure.

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Why do you feel like getting steamrolled? You are getting 24% off MSRP which is really good and helps the 54% RV

@jason_b is right, even if you take the downpayment of $2,048 / 36 = $57 + $331 = $388/mo for a car with $48k MSRP

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Thank you for your responses. I went ahead with it. I was unsure of the deal because I was afraid I was missing something. But it looks like all the numbers are there!