$2,500 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer Bonus Offer

I was playing around on Jeeps website this morning and got a pop up for a $2,500 bonus offer on a Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer. This is similar to the Ram offer that several LHers took advantage of in February. This paired with an aggressive discount from a dealer could make this an attractive option for a full size SUV.


got a $1500 pop-up.

Were you on grand or regular wagoneer.

Regular. Was actually playing with series 1 but the voucher excludes series 1

The only decent deals is on the series 1

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Has anyone leased one of these tanks yet? (At a tolerable price)

I’m still drooling over the GW, but the numbers don’t add up for me.

Have not seen any shared deals. Broker deals in the Marketplace seem to hover around $900 - $1k/month.

If you can get a decent discount off MSRP + a stack of rebates, then it might be a better candidate for financing.

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Would be a great lease candidate for series 1 with 8-10% off and the coupon….but unfortunately it excludes series 1.

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Got $2500 on 3rd try but with low RV and low discounts it just ain’t worth it yet.


My thoughts as well. I would think that these would have to be a candidate for something in the future…as they don’t seem to sell well at all.

I don’t have this pop up. Can you guys share the exact jeep link you’re using to try and get it to pop up?

I built a Wagoneer and it popped up when I scrolled down, but it isn’t valid on the Serues 1, which I was building.

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Tried that and it gave me the $1,500 bonus cash pop up. Closed out chrome and went in with Microsoft Edge and got the $2,500 bonus cash pop up. LOL!

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I just reached out to a local dealer here and they offered $5,000 off MSRP plus all incentives on a $74k Wagoneer II series as well as $5,500 more than my out the door price for the Yukon I bought a couple of months ago. They must really be desperate to move the Wagoneer.

That’s just under 7% off MSRP. Not bad. Are you going to try and aim for 10% off pre-rebates? It will be interesting to see whether the dealer will agree to that offer.

Btw, what other incentives can you stack to the deal apart from the bonus cash?

I’ve seen 0.9% APR offered if you finance for 60 months.

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It’s a total of $9,000 in rebaretes.

$3,000 Conquest Bonus Cash
$1,500 Wagoneer Conquest Bonus Cash
$2,000 Over 60 days in inventory Bonus Cash
$2,500 Bonus Cash Allowance from the Jeep website

Will I try to get them closer to 10% off msrp? I just wanted to see where they were at. I’ve only had my Yukon 2 months and have to keep it for at least 6 months as part of the deal I got with the dealership I got it from so i’m going to honor my word on that.

But…6.7% off msrp and them offering $2,500 more than Carmax for a trade is pretty dang good in my opinion.

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I had to dig on their website to find those incentives.

I am not seeing this offer. Might be regional.

I also got the $2,500 pop up. Offer is good till 01/03/2023.

EDIT: The bonus cash certificate that is emailed to you has an expiration date. It states I have till 6/19 (2 months from now) to use it.

Yup, the $1,500 is for the southeast region. So basically i’d get the $74,000 Wagoneer Series II 4x4 for $60,000 and they’d pay me $5,500 more for my Yukon than what I paid for it out the door (including taxes and fees) for it brand new 2 months ago.

If these deals are still in place in August I may have to jump on it although i’d rather have a Wagoneer L but we’ll just have to see.

I hear you. Probably not going to be pulling the trigger on this anytime soon for a few reasons:

  1. My wife loves her financed Pacifica - It is nearly paid off.
  2. The Wagoneer won’t fit in our garage. It will suck parking it in the driveway during the winter in the NorthEast.
  3. I hate paying MA exercise tax every year.

However, I will keep watching pricing and discounts on these over the next year.