$2,500 Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer Bonus Offer

I thought this as well, though I would take measurements to confirm (if the GW becomes a real possibility). I know the TRX sure took up some space in the garage.

What’s the MMR on series II?

The $2500 directly showed up for me too. that is a crazy deal. if you can get 15000 off on a 75000 build.

How did you come up with that number? Are you including all applicable incentives?
Even if that was the case, it might make more financial sense to purchase rather than lease (in this current market).

should I use a balloon loan for purchase? I think some dealer can offer invoice price at this point!

Chrysler Capital is offering 2.9% for 72 months along with all those rebates. Not gonna beat that with any bank.

Also…invoice on a $75k Wagoneer is only like $2,500 off. If I was able to get $5k via text without trying very hard then you should at the very least aim for that.

I am no expert on this type of loan. A search on this forum might yield better info.

you got 9k rebate + 5k off without even trying hard?

Well…the 9k rebate you get automatically…as long as you know they’re there. A $5k (6.7%) discount on a vehicle which in many cases has been sitting on the lot for 2-3-4 months isn’t all that hard either. I guarantee you that if you offer your local Jeep dealership $5k off sticker plus all rebates on a Wagoneer they’ll jump on it.

basically 900 per month for 6 years

It does not mean everyone will qualify for these same rebates. See below.

:point_up_2::point_up_2:- Just wanted to point that out.

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Yeah, I do have total up to 6500 rebate in my region + 2500 email code. I did some math. lease for 42 month would be similar for finance it for 6 years. but monthly payment are $200 lower than finance.

The only rebate that is region specific is the $1,500 rebate for the southeast region. Not sure if other regions have a different rebate.

Generally you’re not able to get the same discount on a lease compared to a purchase. A dealer has more money to play with on a purchase so keep that in mind. Also, a lease is harder to get out of these days than a purchase so…and the full warranty is only good for 36 months so you’re going to have 6 months without a full warranty.

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not sure if you can get both mid-Atlantic BC Loyalty and Conquest Bonus

I found tons of wagoneer nearby all have 6500 rebate on it. not sure what happened to Wagoneer. It’s not popular at all?

Click the question mark and see what it says in the terms. Most likely you can only get one of those.

Doesn’t seem like it.

yeah, Loyalty can’t combine with Conquest. so probably 6.5k is the highest rebate + 2500 email rebate.

Are these rebates for purchase only? The 2500 email rebate is purchase and lease. Not sure about the rest of the rebates