X7 5.0 Demo deal DFW/TX 118K MSRP (10% off)

Throwing a freebie out there for anyone looking for a hot deal on a fully loaded (no, really, just about every box is ticked) X7 5.0 Demo.

~4,800 on the clock and current offer is 10% off a 118K sticker — More discount is possible for a serious buyer, contact for further details on a quote.


But Ive seen plenty of these going for about 10% off brand new and not loaner. I mean its just a simple search to see that this isn’t a good deal on a loaner?

Is this supposed to be a good deal? Especially not putting the MF or residual up to show youre not marking up the MF?

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It’s got potential. I’ll say that in at least in Texas and DFW in general it’s a PITA to get more than 5% off new and invoice is considered a steal on X7’s. 10% is the current offer but has room to move some more with a committed buyer.

He’s not a broker or dealer

He’s an advanced BMW hacker and trying to share a good deal with the community

I don’t think @Electric is Marking up the MF and pocketing the extra interest


So does he not make any money off this deal? I don’t know what an “advanced BMW hacker” is?

And I wanted to share how it seems people are getting 10% off a new one and not demo to help out the community.

Up top I indicated it’s a freebie. :wink:

10% off (Yes, even for a demo) as a baseline is an aggressive offer for this market for this particular model.

For reference here’s a similar deal on a much less loaded example. Despite the additional miles here you can see this is not a bad starting point for this model.

To answer the question regarding MF markup: Yes the MF will be marked up as TX has really low doc fees and this is how finance gets paid but there is some room to go deeper on discount if someone is serious and MF can be knocked down to buy rate if product is purchased.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Electric.

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Please register as a broker here: https://leasehackr.com/register


Adding some preliminary numbers based on current offering.

You’ll have to add your own tax rate based on state you’d be buying from but for Texas buyers 6.25% is due on sale price less incentives.

Is the base MF 0.00145 and it marked up 0.00185?

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Yes it is.

Ive seen plenty of deals in Texas at the buy rate, but come on that effectively adds $2520 over the 3 years of payments for the change in money factor. I mean that way more than the 399 I paid in Maryland and getting the buy rate.

Don’t pass this off as a “freebie” then mark up the money factor to unsuspected people. That raises the payment $70 a month for 36 months. And “lMF can be knocked down to buy rate if product is purchased” come on man.

Just charge a fee and not try to seem like youre doing a public service.

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I’m not making a penny on this, just putting it out there for someone to take advantage of at their choosing.

It can be massaged some to make it sweeter for the buyer but they are also free to pass on it if a better offer is found.

It looks like @Electric is registered as a broker now! Fancy.

I bet this means more leasing cars and swapping them after a few months, hahaha.


Damn, I’ve only been a part of this forum for a few months but I’ve heard @Electric ridicule any loaner deal under 15%. And the MF is marked up?? Sounds like a favor for your dealer which may result in a sweeter deal for you in the future.


I’ll own that.

And on most demos and loaners 15%+ is a proper baseline due to how the write downs work but current market conditions just aren’t there yet to support that on this model right now and if memory serves it wasn’t that long ago that the 2019 X5 was in the same camp.

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It was before this thread was locked and he rushed to register as a broker. So, no more “freebies”.

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