Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Take a sharp turn quick enough, almost anything is flippable. :cowboy_hat_face:


She’s here. Even better than I imagined. The drive home was a hooot !


Congrats. Did you order from Chapman?

That is Chapman’s lot and sign in the background.

The reason I ask is that I saw similar spec 392 in the showroom when I was there this weekend. Wondered if it was customer’s order.

That is indeed Chapman. And I ordered. The other snazz 392 is still inside.

Got it. Any idea what they sell unclaimed 392 units for?

Over msrp for sure!

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Does build sheet found mean anything on cryptostickers? I wasn’t expecting my 392 until something like June, over allocation Chapman order.

Means it’s being built

Futurama Reaction GIF

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You want easy? Pay cash, await title, sell.

You want max profit? Depends where you live because taxes and acq fee make a big impact.

Dang it…I’m probably the only person who doesn’t want their 392 right this second.

Window sticker will be quickly to follow. Maybe 2 weeks til it lands. I wonder how long they’ll let you leave it there before signing off tho ? They gave me 10 days due to work conflicts

I’m actually in a similar boat

I’ll be shipping. Located SW…depends on how the numbers look I guess, would definitely be more fun to drive than a 4xe. I ordered it at the 10% off time.

Looks like I may be putting my 5 series up for swap…I like it a lot though.

That is my same build. Looks awesome, congrats!

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Damn I already miss this car.

How long did you hold on to it? what did it sell for, if you don’t mind my asking.

Will know Friday! Held it for a few hours but fell in love.

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