Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

i think you already have the TRX so not sure how it’ll compare? you’ll have to give us a write up lol

can’t thank everyone on here enough. would not have scored a great deal and an even better car without y’all

Yeah, I can do a comparison review once my 392 comes in. I ordered in November and no movement thus far unfortunately.

Damn you’re truly invested in the flip game

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Let us know. Plan on keeping it for a bit but I’m curious what it’ll “flip” for.

All the walk-ins at Chapman were happy paying msrp/msrp+ . I felt bad for them and wanted to fill them in but most had already signed off !

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I doubt it’s even gonna be close to 4XE esp if you added the Recon package.

How did you sell so fast? Nobody I have talked to will touch a car until it is registered in my name.

I guess he IS the dealer :joy:

It is running Friday.

Ordered in November, mine was just built.

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I don’t know about him but RODO does buy with Temp tags. Wouldn’t surprise me there are other dealers doing the same.

Both are completely different. Drive both regularly. Different animals. Personally, i think a base trx is plenty and a great value for what it is with the right discount.
392 is what satisfies the itch though.


This is one where its a blessing to have it get delayed :face_with_peeking_eye:

Also with the right terms, a 392 will be around 1/2 the monthly payment of a trx

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You can send it through auction without a title?

Yes. But you need to provide title within 30 days or else you get charged back

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Hmm, last week on Jeep chat, I was given the usual “parts not yet sourced” message.

Now they straight up told me the truck has not entered parts ordering stage yet. :confused:

never heard of parts ordering stage. I don’t think that’s right.

Could be falling from D back to C


Way too cheap for low mileage XR. Wonder how much they bought it for.

Almost $10k over msrp… Carvana seems to not hugely mark up the cars they sell. I bet they paid $5kish over msrp.