Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Just got the Window sticker for 11/19 order.

Do you recall what your numbers came to? Did you do 48/10?

I’m in ny so did 24/10

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One pay as well?

PSA: RV and MF have remained the same this month


Yea, I’m jealous. :frowning:

Anyone LHers got the lower POC pricing on their Nov order?

Has your window sticker generated?

Yup originally a 81.5k car now showing as 84.6k

I believe @leaselurk took delivery recently
Maybe he can chime in

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My WS was generated before the increase, but you should be within a couple of hundred of poc


yes, it did not increase.


The window sticker will always reflect the higher price if its generated after a price increase, no matter what the invoice is, so don’t look to it for an indicator.

Mine just landed at Chapman, still waiting for them to reach out, not in a rush. What are you guys doing on these for easy flip, 48/10k?

Yes my original order price was honored at Chapman.

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The term has no impact on the ease of flip.

Has anyone had offers lately? Wondering what they are coming in at. Updating my current BMW offers and dealerships that had interest a few months ago are saying they are backing off of “heavy” cars (higher msrp) as the market is changing.

In general YES.

But go with whatever program with the lowest MF …just in case someone gets too attached to it and wants to play for few more months

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These still flipable? :lying_face:
Asking for a friend :sunglasses:

I mean, if you use a forklift, I’m sure you can flip it… but then you’d have serious damages to pay for $$$.