Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Non 4XE topic then. Still worth it to get the 392 after the MSRP increases? The 35” Bronze wheels have me feeling a certain way haha.


Thank you!

Today and now…yes.

When they arrive…it just depends what the goals are. If the attitude always remains, “drive cool cars on the cheap and if I make money, great,” then yes.

The online builder is also misleading w the color of those wheels for the XR. They’re actually gunmetal if you search but look super bronze. See photo above your post minus pink beadlocks.

Right now there isn’t enough data on the XR packages to know if it’s worth it to maximize profit, but you’ll be safe.

I still think we should multiple topics on wranglers at this time. One for new buyers, one for flip discussions, one for enthusiasts who want to talk cars, and then 392s.

I may be the only one who feels this way, though. Just trying to prevent any more of a jumbled mess go forward.


I don’t even care about making money on this one. Just to experience it for a little bit even
at low cost seems worth it. How was your experience?


If that’s your attitude I would 100% get one

I’ve sold two and have number three being built this month assuming all goes to plan.

The one coming is an XR. I’m curious if the 4:56s will make it more fun than the non-XR.

I hold these for a short period of time, though. They’re loud, fun, but you need to drive it like a jerk in a straight line otherwise it’s just a jeep imo. After a few weeks of that, especially after driving a 4xe, the 11mpg / 93 octane fillups sting a bit.

I also ordered a TRX in august so I hope that is only a couple of months away.


I think we should split these up. I’m ready to discuss 392s!


Do it @Bostoncarconcierge

I’ll be an active participant where I can add value if someone is seeking info based on what I have learned since July!

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Ordered 2 at invoice with just SOT. Hydro and White

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I spun off a 392 specific thread.

I ended up ordering a tuscadero with xr, tow, and gorilla glass. I went back and forth of the xr for 2 main reasons; would it push me over the moment and require cash out of pocket up front and if i were buying one of these, would I be OK without it having xr. Sounds like the diff change makes a big difference in power delivery, so that was part of it.

With out a lot of options, adding just the xr package should keep me under mrm. I debated sot, but I’m not convinced it was a higher value choice.

Assuming this ever comes in, I’ll hold it for a short bit until one of my other orders show up, but it won’t be a long term thing.

I went tuscadero because it’s an LE color and I figured with them only offering it for a short period longer, it’ll either force the order forward or get it cancelled, but either way it shouldn’t linger.


Following this. Do we think the orders at Chapman are going to happen, or should we have a backup plan?

I hope it does, but I’m not counting on it. If I really wanted one to drive, I’d have a backup plan.

I think this makes sense. I guess the other options are Clutch, LC or Gupton for the best price.

Gupton came back with $78227 for $83k Tuscadero spec with XR,Gorilla Glass and One Touch. Seems like invoice to me at 6% off MSRP.

I would confirm with them if they have available allocations or if they’re overreaching too.

I’m willing to bet every single one of these stores is ordering above allocation and a lot of them are getting built


Maybe so, but if I’m going to go with a plan b at invoice vs plan a at way under invoice, the main value proposition is if they have an actual allocation.


I was thinking of ordering Black, with just SOT and GG. Black seems to be the most common color (and the hardest to maintain), but I think it looks the best with the bronze accents. Also considering XR, but I don’t see it paying off and I think that despite the better gearing, the size and weight of the wheels and tires will offset that. It does look great though. I wish we had more data on it.

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Black seems to do the poorest at auction. It’s not a bad color, but they’re a dime a dozen and hurt the value proposition.

The bronze accents are really sharp looking against snazzberry and hydro blue.

I haven’t driven the Wrangler version, but the 392 is a great motor… sound & power delivery. Fuel economy can be VERY meh if you drive it as you should, but that is a price to pay. The Tuscadero is almost a must on the 392 IMO. The Jeep looks/is bada**, but the color adds a comical (and a bit obnoxious) touch. It is perfect…now to talk the wife into one LOL…

So everyone here is comfortable with ~$1k payment with minimal down on these for a lease?