Wrangler 392 spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Mine was $1261 with SOP, 10% off and first DAS. I won’t be making a second payment.

I’m non XR with SOT. I’d be comfortable taking delivery if confident I could get something near MSRP for it. I experienced the free fall of 4xe prices and not sure how much better the 392s are doing. Sold 4xe to Autonation last Fall and they said “name your price” if 392 but a lot has changed in 4 months.

I would have to do the same thing and sell before 2nd payment as this gets expensive fast with each month’s payment.

Too much risk IMO.

That’s where I am right now. Didn’t mind 4xes at $400-600/mo. Had 3 at once last year and was comfortable with payment and low risk. The only thing keeping me even considering this is 392 was my goal all along. 4xes were okay but I didn’t like the raspy little 4 cyl turbo. Really wanted to try big, smooth HP but not at the risk of possibly big $$$$$.

Agreed. I passed on my base about a month ago.

Why didn’t you sign and drive

Already had a $1000 deposit down. Still making good $$$ on it.

To think, mine was $800 sign and drive less than a year ago.

Yes, about where the payment was when I ordered. I’d be all over this at $800,900, maybe even 1,000/mo but nearly $1300 plus uncertain sales market makes it big risk for likely little or no return.

do you still have your gt3 392 @VictoryIsMine

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Sadly, I traded it in on Monday. I just couldn’t stomach the $1,100 payment. I should have kept the one I got back in June when the payment was only $800 something.

The used car manager is currently driving it around.

Damn, how much they give you?

They gave me $79,000. I’ll be curious how many price drops they end up doing. Their sister Chevrolet dealer still has my old ZR2 after 2 months. They gave me $67,000 for it and started it out at $74,900. They are now down to $67,985.

Pretty much mmr
It’s too fun to drive and I love the stance
Have an xr being delivered within 2 weeks

I was okay with the $79,000. I basically paid about $1,000 to drive a 392 around for a few months. I loved every minute of it. I’d really love to order a Punk’n 392, but I’m out of the Jeep game at this point. We still have a HA 4xe that we plan on keeping, and I got back into a Ridgeline to hold me over and see where the market lands.


I ordered a Punk’n one the day the color was announced with Mitch at 10% off and it’s still just in C status. I don’t think they’ve built any orange ones yet. That will be a fun one to have in the driveway for a bit.


Do you think it will still be flippable? I can’t imagine what the lease payment will be when it is finally built.

Not necessarily for a major profit but even with a small loss after a couple months after last years profits a fast orange jeep for a few months sounds fun


That’s pretty much what happened with my Reign. I was just afraid I was going to get stuck with it since the market continues to trend downward.