Worth selling to Carvana mid lease?


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Hey all - I am about a year into my lease and enjoying it quite a bit. I noticed the price of vehicles has gone up quite a bit due to lack of supply and checked out Carvana just for grins.


Turns out I can make a small profit on the sale. Is there ever a world where this wouldn’t be a good move? A car isn’t a necessity for me right now and I can wait out this Covid situation without transportation then lease/buy again when the time is right.

Go for it. Just compare to the others like Vroom, Shift, etc first

Shift and Vroom would not quote me! Any others to see?

Any info as to why?

I followed up with Vroom after not getting an offer previously and they said it “got stuck in the system” and sent an offer like 5 minutes after.

Definitely go for it, especially knowing that you don’t even need a vehicle at this moment. I sold my civic last year early and made profits as well.


You may be on to something. I got an offer from Vroom just now and it was much lower than Carvana

Shift straight up says they are not buying my specific make/model due to volatile market conditions.

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Apparently Carvana has upped its Used Car offers, I just received an email saying that the “Summer sales for used vehicles is heating up”. Just 2-3 weeks ago I was receiving only low 14k offers for my Lightly used 2019 Corolla Hatchback SE with only 4k miles (leased in May 2019) and now I just received an offer for 17,345.00. I owe 19, 509.28 still as I did the delay payments due to Covid-19.
I’m Highly considering selling to Carvana, Anyone have any input on what to look for?
Thanks, and good luck to you all! Research, Research, Research!

dont you have to factor for the buy out amount from the leasing company to see if you make a profit? not just the remaining lease amount??

Wifes Mazda CX5 Chase buyout amount is $21,700
KBB Market Value


  • $308

Local Market

  • $308


Loan Amount


Yup. You need to get a payoff from the leaseholder, not just residual plus guesstimate of lease payments due.

So OP is incorrect in thinking that make money without the rest of the information?

Unless I’ve missed it, nothing in the OP’s posts suggest he was using anything other than an official payoff quote from the bank.

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All I see is the Carvana breakdown noting owned remaining payment? no mention of a buyout price? I could be wrong

The “loan amount” is most likely the current buy out price. He certainly doesn’t have $34000 worth of remaining payments on a ~$250/mo lease. Unless you’re talking about your numbers on the cx-5, in which case, didn’t you provide them the loan balance information?

@trustme, do be sure to verify that the buy out price doesn’t include your MSDs being applied

Loan amount is remaining payments I thought? For mine ie $330/month 20 months remaining is $6600 loan amount. Chase buyout is $21,700

I am trying to fully understand this as my wife is over her miles and I would love to get out early as a break even of $2k loss. Still cheaper than dealer return

The loan amount you should have provided to carvana when they asked is the chase buyout amount. The $6600 is irrelevant for this discussion.

Understood. I got it now. Appreciate the help I had a feeling it was me

No worries. Now, to make things slightly trickier, one always needs to confirm that the number you’re giving them is the “3rd party buy out” and not necessarily your buy out amount. Some companies include sales tax in the buy out amount which isn’t applicable to a 3rd party buy out.

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Just when you think you get it…

In this case, I think it’s a moot point as even if the $21700 includes sales tax, you’re still a good bit over the $14850 offer.

Agreed. the mile overage will roughly cost us $3k at lease turn in. So Im patiently waiting. Put no $ down and payment is low so not overly concerned. Dont want another Mazda so just weighing my options and watching the market for selling early