Worst leases you've seen


I’m interested to see where the pricing goes on these tbh. People do love the 3 series, but sedanpocalypse and the huge rise of the Model 3….I can’t see many people switching back to a 3 series from an X1 for example.

Add in a soon-to-launch-maybe 2 series grand coupe to split the market even more and we might see some tasty prices towards the end of the year.


I think I just got offered one of the worst leases ever.

Demo 530i selling price $51k. Dealer will lease it to me at the low low price of $800 a month + $1k down. Unclear if this includes tax, which could potentially make this even worse.


From local dealer on a new, ordered BMW 530e xDrive


Needless to say, I found a better deal elsewhere.


A great deal on a 2018 BMW M3. A low monthly payment…


Garage kept, nice…


Effective: $1098 for C43 AMG…


More, right? 7,100 down + taxes and fees


Only a thousand bucks a month for a Civic R


Idk if that really counts considering it’s a joke… but then again the offer I received of $800/mo for a $51k 5 series had to be a joke too.


This price breakdown would be a dealer’s wet dream! Marked up MSRP, dealer accessories, protection package, security system, transportation improvement fee, and light up an orgasm cigarette…


That is absurd.


It wasn’t a joke.


It’s not a joke if some joker buys it!

2019 Honda Civic TypeR

That was no joke…he sold one similar a couple weeks ago.


I was quoted $750 on a $53k C300 with $2k down for 42 months


i leased a 2018 Nissan Murano about a month ago …The MSRP was aprox 34000. The first price he gave me was for 3yr 36 was 640 a month . After 3 days of back and forth by text i got it for close enough to 1% of msrp
drive off to suit me


I am in.

Leased a 61k 17 BMW 530. Closed the deal on 730 $1.5k drive off. Walked into finance guy bumped the price to 820 by purchasing 2 dam’ maintenance fraud and that’s how bad things got worse.


This was a fun quote (just received this today):

It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning! Here is the information on the M3: 3 year lease, 12,000 miles per year, MSRP is $81,820, we discounted the car $8,180 for a sales price of $73,640 (there is the additional $1,000 we can take off for the test drive event, we do not have the codes available yet). The payment with the taxes and first months payment rolled in will be $1209. You will have 35 payments at $1209. $8,400 upfront for the Multiple Security Deposit.


Not sure how they’re twice more expensive than quotes on here…


Bigger :passenger_ship: payment