Worst leases you've seen


The Kona EV looked rather interesting, so I figured I’d try my hand. Here’s what I got from Hyundai in Ontario California: $0 Due at signing and $840/mo +tax. MSRP $46,000

I told the internet manager that’s outrageous, that I’m paying less for my BMW M6, and his reply was “At this time we still have a steady stream of Electric buyers that are willing to pay the Market Adjustment. I totally understand that not everyone can afford to drive a Hyundai Kona EV Ultimate. Thank you for the opportunity.”

I could not stop laughing LOL



Let’s go home ladies and gentlemen, let’s go home!:rofl::rofl:


Your response: “bruh, M6.”


LOL, one would imagine at this point of a year, dealer would like to work with you to move 18 units…at least try to be decent…
Apparently not :stuck_out_tongue:


The Kona will end up like the Bolt when it first came out and dealers were marking up the prices. They’ll be everywhere on lots with no one willing to buy them. In no time they’ll be offering $200 leases on the Ultimate. Especially when Model 3 leases are coming soon AND Tesla just announced they achieved charging times of 75 miles in 5 minutes!


Yeah that price has means dealer/finance company gets 38k in lease payment + fed rebate. I have a tough time imagining that there are many people who want an EV, don’t care about price and will accept a Hyundai


In California, maybe.


They sold 16 last month in US (all Ca?)…so yes, there are always people with too much money and so little time. Dealers are marking it up $5k for any suckers willing to bite…like true flippers.


I’ve been working on C43 quotes over the past few days and I’ve had multiple over a 1000 for a 36/10k. I just got another that was 1030 a month with 3000 DAS. The program for this car is terrible and dealers are not wanting to discount. I’ve pinged 30 dealers across the southeast.


“Small down payments” :joy::joy::joy:


2018 S4 $1,301 a month. He’s offering 7K incentive to bring payment down to $1,051. I really hope this had negative equity rolled in or this is really the worst lease ever.


$55,000 to lease a $55,000 car for 42 months. I think we have a winner for worst lease ever. Nice find!


Yeah it’s always very suspicious when a 48mo finance would be cheaper than a 36mo lease. I’d guess massive negative, but I can’t believe that Audi would allow that high of a LTV to create a $1300 S4 payment. Finance guy must’ve had to pull some strings for that boat payment (or 10).


I wonder what happens when somebody scams them with fake info, that would be karma for those ridiculous terms


Of course this was a deal done here in South Florida -_-. I’m wondering how bad of a ride the salesman/dealer took this guy for…I’m imagining there was some negative equity rolled into the deal, and just like all SFL dealers, probably extorted this person with dealer fees, BS, and such for a criminal amount of money out of pocket.


I just got the same car in south Florida for $630 with 0 down with MSD. The dealers were pretty straight forward. Of course their are crooks out their but people also need to have personal responsibility. No one puts a gun to someone’s head and makes them buy a car and an S4 at that. With all the information available on line if you go into a dealership ignorant that is on you.


2019 c43. MSRP 65,9xx. 48 months, 10k miles, 847 + tax. With 2000 down.

And they said… “I am trying to make something happen by going deep on our end.”


I overheard on the Subaru lot “A customer came in yesterday and they got a deal $5000 down and $499 a month” for a 34k Subaru although I’m sure he’s lying to get his customer to ease into high payments.

not sure if this thread is for quotes only (like your example) or for actual leases signed - like that $1k monthly payment on the glc350e (Ouch).


Reached out to dealers in Chicagoland regarding SQ5 a while back. Got numbers from $900+money down, to $850 for only 7.5k miles with money down. Test drove one yesterday and the salesman told me $1100s for lease.