Worst leases you've seen


I quoted a couple XC60’s the other day. $55k for $940/month and $52k for $850/month (39mos, 10k, both with $2,500 down). With 10 MSD’s!

They actually sent another email after that quote asking if I got it.

I chose to reply to that one with something like “your prices are comical compared to your competitors and didn’t warrant a response.”


Wow… crazy prices… I feel a lot better on the deal that we got… :slight_smile: lol


That is the part I don’t get. I would assume if you have the financial means to make such large payments you should be a smart (well at least not stupid) person who can do some basic math and not have a lease payment totaling the MSRP of the car. Are all these people trust fund babies?


185 miles per month


Jezzz not even enough miles for anything might as well leave it parked.


They want you to leave parked so they lose on the depreciation.


In the 90’s I would get the dupont registry, and I remember seeing a diablo in there for $30k down, $3k a month, I didn’t even make 3 grand a month in the early 90’s. I loved that magazine though.


9388 * 26 months = ~245k

245k / 4800 miles = ~$50 per MILE


It does have Bluetooth …


Hi All,

I recently went to BMW of Fort Lauderdale to test drive the new 2019 330i.

They received 12 330i vehicles before what they initially thought. However, I wanted the 330i M Sport. They had one of them which I test drove. The sticker was $56K.

After the drive I sat down with the salesman who told me right off the bat that they are not dealing right now. There was one discount of $1K off the MSRP and Nothing else.

He showed me a paper of the Lease. A 36 month / 10K mile per year lease with $4K down was $719/mo. I laughed in his face. I was like that is not happening. And he basically shared that everyone is saying the same thing. They’ve had ALL the 330i for over a week and a half now and they have not sold/leased one of them.

Do you think after March / April thing will change? I don’t have any specific numbers because the salesman told me they are not allowed to really do any deals this month.


Be as specific as possible in the title if you are posting a deal – include car model, monthly payment, and money down.

Include as much information as possible in your post, and even a celebratory picture. :wink:

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I would say that you should probably wait till December to see any movement on the car.

I think you could do better with a 5 series and get more bang for your buck. IMO


This is that car I real wish I can lease when my 16 Genesis is up in April. I’m crossing my fingers we can manage significantly better deals than that in 2 months!


Possibly because they’d much rather get rid of the remaining 2018s. For others coming in off the streets, I’m sure showing them $7xx on a 2019 and saying “hey, I could put you in a 2018 for hundreds less” works.


I’m convinced the second reason dealers like leasing (first is reduced monthly payments) is that even intelligent affluent people agree to overpay for cars. I’ve seen many people just completely fail to grasp that a down payment on a lease isn’t like down payment on a fiance’s vehicle.

My parents are intelligent affluent people but terrible with car buying and live 500 miles from me. Leasing would be beyond them and they have gotten screwed before. Now to help them I get a Costco auto quote on the exact car they want by VIN, at a dealer near them, and send them the quote. I tell them pay this amount in cash + tax and nothing more. They do that and although they don’t get a hackerdeal, they always pay below invoice and never get robbed.


I think that is a safe way to go about buying cars. No hassle and not getting ripped off.

In my experience the best simple way of explaining leases to people not familiar with leasing is to tell them it is like renting a car long-term. They don’t own the car thus insurance or the dealer or the manufacturer or the leasing company will not reimburse them if something happens to the car. Thus it is in lessor’s best interest to just pay as little as possible to rent the car.


Some dealers are delusional. Yes it’s a new model. But it’s a 3 series with the small motor. It’s not a dream car or a limited car. Wait 4 months and you’ll see thousands of them everyday. If they can find some sucker to pay $700/month for it when everybody else is paying half of that because they waited a month more power to them.


Not just 700/m…4K down


Yes, we’re leasing them to actual customers at MSRP currently.

The New 3 Series is an amazing drive but not hackr worthy yet. :slight_smile:


I saw one out in the world this weekend and on first glance thought it was a Genesis G70. I’m not sure who that is a nod to, but definitely looks nice.


M-Sport model absolutely devours corners. :racing_car:

No Employee Lease for them yet though. :frowning: