Worst leases you've seen


A co-worker is paying $392 for a Jeep Renegade (48 month lease). MSRP was ~$22K, his downpayment was $2k.

Poor dude.


When I was looking for Renegades for a friend, Dodge dealers kept quoting me 545 a month with 2k down for a Renegade Sport. After negotiations, I talked some down to 385 a month with 2k down and that was on a Limited because they leased better.

I told my friend to walk from the Renegade completely.


I understand that some vehicles just lease terribly, but why would you pay so much money for so little vehicle? I know its TCO is really low but there are better options.


You see the title of this thread? Right?


48*392 = $18,816 + 2,000 = $20,816

He should have been able to buy it for that or pay cash of about $19,000 to buy it outright. You sure he didn’t buy it?


Pretty sure it’s a lease. I didn’t say anything as to not make him feel bad but did say that next time he should go with a broker “to avoid the hassle of negotiating again”.


18k due at signing, 999 a month for 60 MONTHS on a Cayman GTS…8k miles a year.

so pay 78k to rent a 89k car last model year car for 5 years…


why does it say 9k due at signing and in the fine print say 18k due at lease inception? wtf?


Would anyone in their target audience even take that deal?


Hah, have you seen the payments people make on this thread? There’s plenty of idiots willing to shell out that kind of money for a Porsche, and apparently- way worse cars!


only reason I can think of is in CA, you cannot get tax credit when you trade in your car for a purchase. So if you plan to keep the car a short amount of time leasing can save you from paying full sales tax every time you switch out cars.


Kia Stinger 2.0 Premium AWD…$42.8 MSRP…$38.1K selling price + $7400 lease rebate + $456 down got me a quote for $456 for 12000/39 months. Other offers were in high $400’s, some $500-600!
Nice looking car and drives well, but not worth it at that those prices.

Lots of 2018’s sitting around. Local 3 site MI franchise has 17 x 2018 Stingers in stock and will not budge off invoice. Good luck I say.


Don’t blame dealers, blame the residual. It’s a good lease to own candidate. Or wait 2 years when they start coming off lease and they’re in the CPO lot for $15k.


Their residuals are actually holding pretty well for now… they’ve been on the market 18 months and I still can’t find a Stinger GT under 33k used. They were a 39k dollar car. That’s not bad considering the lease cash thrown at it earlier on.


Could this be correct? Was it a 60-month lease @ $515/month for a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo??? The car would have almost been completely paid off. Kudos to that sales guy.



Wow, I feel terrible for this person :cry:


Looks like a limited to me.


That’s allot of :speedboat: payments.


Hahahaha. The first picture. Why did she take one with her in it?


Parked in a private driveway! :rofl: