Worst leases you've seen


That looks like the top of the line so probably $130k +…but in order to pay $85k (if it’s a 3 year lease) he had to have negative equity. Otherwise…WOW!


Negative equity


Probably not negative equity or anything except a sh*t Tesla deal on the worlds fastest

If you look at Tesla website - a FULLY LOADED $140k+ MSRP P100D with zero down goes for $2406/month $3k DAS.

Still doesn’t excuse it being a sh*t deal


But people LOVE buying “manufacturer direct”…


I don’t know if “manufacturer direct” is the reason people love buying Tesla products. I don’t think the “anti-established dealership” crowd is significant enough to drive and drum up that much demand.


I just believe most people are ok with paying ridiculous payments as long as they know that it was the best deal (the only deal) they could have gotten.


My friend just sent me this for a Jeep GC.


Holy crap, must be a BOGO deal, :joy::joy::joy:




What is a BOGO deal?:blush:
I was quite shocked too lol



One [Free]


I know this is just a biz negotiation and you’re not supposed to take it personal…but how could you not when they present that to you?


How do you guys normally respond to these types of offers?

I recently reached out to a Mercedes dealer about their CLA loaner (Their selling price was ~$30K, didn’t have other numbers/details, didn’t bother to ask after initial offer) and they offered $0 DAS and something like $520/mo for 36/10.

I was about to reply to his email, but I was just speechless, and couldn’t think of how to nicely say “wtf?”…


If the quote is via email you could always reply with this



I have been working on GMC Terrain demos for the last week, and pretty much every single sales manager responds to a request for quote with almost no additional discount over a comparable new vehicle. I feel like there is a lot of hesitation to sell loaners. I wonder if dealers prefer to hold onto them for walk-in customers? I could see some value in that.


I usually don’t respond to those quotes


2019 Toyota Camry XSE V6


and I thought the 625/month and 700/month quotes for a new Avalon was as bad as it could get for a Toyota


Update…found a dealer who is giving 6000+ off for same exact car.


Initial offers I received on the Genesis G70 were pretty terrible.
51k MSRP Prestige trim 3.3T for 780/month $0 down

Someone on reddit actually signed a lease for a Elite(the lowest trim after stock) 3.3T with a msrp of ~$47k for $2500 down and $620 per month.

My G70 lease was also pretty bad ~$53k msrp $2k down and $600/month but after almost 3 months with the car I don’t regret that decision.