Worst leases you've seen


This time in Swapalease specials:

^that one that actually sold, or got repoed


That’s allot of :speedboat: payments for those managers and salespeople


Not everything. Found good bimmer deals at a good dealership…so yeah :wink: Was surprised by Mercedes though.


Found a 7k off deal, on a new 2019 E300! So yeah, better prices exist :slight_smile:


All I’ve learned from this thread is people are bad with money.


Fixed. 1010101010


Ny neighbors gf just leased a Lexus ES for $660 with drive offs she doesnt want to disclose


That hurts my soul.


Is that the new ES 350 F? :wink:

That’s a very expensive price for that car, now. Firmly into :de: land


Not the F, but they did get “F’ed” :joy:


And some GSM is now installing a shiny stainless steel prop on his Sea Ray.


Was at a dealership with a Hackr and was told that they leased out the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera that was being washed next to his new car for

20k Down
24 month lease

There was an extended moment of silence in the room :joy:
The DBS looked beautiful though :joy::joy::joy:


That is nigh on a quarter of a million dollars for a lease!


S Class for 4k? Sign me up!


Found this in my vicinity. Major facepalm imo. I have no clue how much A3s go for, but I could swear this is S4 money right here. Even if nothing was originally put down, this looks horrendous, approximately total cost of ~26k on a 39k car.


But it’s in pristine condition… how could you not?


And only a 2 year lease at that :joy:


When you think you have seen it all !

But how did a product company like Tesla roll this guy over? Or do they have dealers now ?


Probably negative equity, bad credit, and $0 down my guess


“this audi is a fantastic bargain”