Worst leases you've seen


I got my Denali for 499 including tax w no money :confused:



Wow $1460 before incentive and it’s a 35i, not even a 50i let alone an ///M


Not even an M Sport at that, straight hosed


I asked for a 36/15,000 lease offer on a leftover 2018 A6 3.0T. I love Audi, and I’ve always been taken care of by this dealer. But come on!


Here was the other offer. 2018 S6 36/15,000. !!!


At just $125/m more than an A6, that S6 is a steal.


I like your perspective.


They’ve done nothing to give a dealer discount. Guess they think most people will think the 10k is great unless people understand the market for A6/S6 at the moment… can’t blame them for trying to make the most money where they can. I’m sure if you counter they’d take it.


Not to mention that 2019 A6/S6 can be had for less. Hell, that’s around A8 range.


Are you sure about that? I doubt the 2019s will have any significant discounts or lease support this early on.


It Is just over 2019 A6/A7 range… not near A8


Just got a quote from a dealership…I just started laughing

2018 Lamborghini Urus (Used)
30,000 DAS
5100+Tax 36/7500
247k MSRP



What a steal! Where do I sign?




Hey it’s only $213600+ tax to drive it for 3 years then give it back, what a steal!


With a RV of 2%


I just got a quote on 2019 55k rs400. $419 with 9k down…lol

How do salesman afford to drive the cars they're selling?

Probably not the worse I have seen but the most recent “comical” offer I got…
710$ on 36/10, 0 DAS for a 45k Mini Cooper Countryman Plug in / Given to me in person after the test drive!


I’ll never understand why mini’s have such a high price…$45k for a mini…no thanks