Worst leases you've seen


That’s Just highway robbery.


Those people are the reason why we’re able to achieve Hackr worthy deals. The money they make on those kinds of clientele averages out the money they “lose” on our deals.


But what was their credit? If they were lowest tier and MF was like .00400+…


Yes, I’ve heard that argument before. But I haven’t seen many Kia or Huynday Leasehackr worthy deals posted in last couple of years. So on hose two brands I’m not seeing how that level or robbery gives Leasehackr community deals.

But ok - I can see those numbers with subprime borrowers.


Good credit, T1-3 is the same MF for Kia


Well a dealership can’t control the manufacturer’s programs, I was speaking more in terms of discounts they can offer.


Worst lease swap I’ve ever seen…


Someone really wanted that 340.


Then finally woke up 2 years in. It’s “fully loaded” though :grin:


Poor fellow


im Sure if he posted on swapalease he’d see how bad it is. Probably why it’s on Craigslist instead.


He expects to pay $32k to borrow a $60k MSRP car for 3 years? Oh boy :rofl:


Sigh when they do those $400 Fortes and Optima in the upper 7’s how many of those wind up being repo’d or the leasee tries to get out of it via a swap I wonder.


Kia has the highest repossession rate in the industry if I’m not mistaken


He probably thinks a $60K MSRP 3-series is worth $28K after three years… and he’s not wrong. :laughing:


What was the final RV on it? Anyone know?


I am unsure about the payment being terrible, but the 7K down for that monthly was shocking.


You can probably get the Denali for around $643 with nothing down, since they have a high residual value.


Was casually browsing though swapalease for some deals and came across this. Had to wipe my eye a couple of times to make sure the payment was correct lol This guy got his behind handed to him.


Being BMW, it would probably be high 50s, lows 60s %