Worst leases you've seen


I took some mental abuse from a VW dealer in SoCal recently…
2019 eGolf
Msrp 33200
Rv in low 30s
Mf equivalent of almost 9% apr, tier 1!
36 mo 7500 miles/y
DAS $4900
$505 per month

“We have the best deals in town!”



True, for the dealership!!


Holy smokes.


Honestly. It’s what I get for mentioning that as a previous loaner, it should easily be around $400. I don’t even know what to say.


And that’s a loaner/demo with 4k miles on it.


I believe you say “No, thank you.”


Hey but they knocked off almost $10k, it must be a good deal!


For the dealer and for VW. Think about it…they are charging me $22.5k and also get the $7.5k fed credit…so $30K total to lease a $33.2k msrp car for 3 years. Now that’s good business!!!


Hyundai Sonata Lease
Vehicle Price (Net after Rebate): $22,671.00

Cash Down: 0
Term: 36 Months
Monthly: $446.94

Residual $15,264

Might as well buy the car. It should be worth more than $7000 after 3 years.


How is it possible to make $16k in payments when the difference between selling price and residual is $7k?


Marked up MF and MSRP for a selling price?


Every single Add-on known to mankind


I told them that their number was pretty terrible and that they probably made a mistake somewhere. They said they understood.


$19,466 (39*499.12) to lease a Malibu LT. You could pay that in cash for a brand new one and own it outright!


But this one is a Red line edition! Fully loaded!


500 a month for four cylinders and a cloth interior designed by GM… nice.


This is mind blowing.


Someone here is paying ~675 for a 3 series loaner, ouch.


Is it “fully loaded”?