Worst leases you've seen


That guy should be getting tired of his overpriced IS about now and should hopefully be opening a new epic thread about trading it any day now.


I read that IS one, jezz. Thankfully people like that exist that allow dealers to do hackr deals.




Sweet sweet negity eqqqqqqqity


Where is this fabled IS deal I keep seeing reference to


Make sure your coffee cup is full, it’s quite the read.


Wow! I have no idea how I misssd that one. Very entertaining:)


Just spent the last hour or so reading it…0_o


Why close the NX thread. I just read it a second time and tried to bump it. Too good.


I went to a Kia dealership just to check out the stringer, they made me wait like 30 lol after a test drive and come with these numbers

MSRP $58k stinger GT2
$8000 down
$950 per month for 36/10k

I legit shit my pants laughing, clearly a high ball offer but like wtf


Wow that’s not even a high ball more of a insult lol.


$1200/month for a Stinger :smiley:


MSRP for a GT2 is around 52k. There aren’t any extra options that bring that price up… they’re quoting you a 6k mark up on a car that I was able to get 12% discount before incentives on.

Never shop at that dealer again.


Hahah with a solid discount and manufacturer incentives you can purchase the car for a couple of thousands dollars more instead of paying over $42k on a lease and returning the car back to Kia after 3 years…


Hahahaha that’s awesome. Markup on a car that dealers can’t get rid of :rofl:

I have no idea why salesmen play this stupid game. I am in sales and I believe in always seeking to provide a fair deal for both parties. Blatantly trying to rip off a customer might succeed 1% of the time, but 99% of the time they’re driving away that potential customer. This has happened to me several times when test driving, and I always forward the quote to the sales manager and explain why I will never step foot in their dealership again.


Agreed, I mean it was clearly the typical high ball scummy sales tactic and they lowered it down more afterwords but why even waste my time with that? Your 100% correct even if I really wanted that car it left me with such a bad taste in my mouth that I would never buy from them

The level of service I found from my local audi/mercedes dealerships blows away that of hyundia/kia/etc. They give you more realistic numbers right off the bat with some wiggle room


Luxury brand dealer are much easier to deal with in my experience as well.


In their defense…they don’t know you from Adam. Maybe you loved the car so much and weren’t familiar with the numbers you would’ve jumped. You can’t blame them for trying. I’m sure there’s enough out there that have jumped, or they wouldn’t have tried.


They are much easier to deal with.


This is true, I worked at a Kia dealership for a couple of years prior to going into brokering. The kinds of deals I’ve seen people agree to would make anyone on this forum crap themselves :joy:.
Forte leases in the 400’s, Optima leases in the 7-800’s, Sorento’s in the 7-800’s.