Worst leases you've seen


I hope this is a posting error, $799 per month + $34,260 cash due at signing

Do you think it’s maybe a one time pay lease posted incorrectly?

$34,260/36 is roughly $951 a month


I called the local jeep dealer to get a rough lease price on a new Jeep SRT GC. $1300 + 2k down for 15/36.



That’s not so crazy. They get into the $100k area pretty quick. Once you’re in the six digit playground, $2k down is just past 1st month payment and $1,300 minus tax is like $1,150 . . . Maybe not for you, but not by any means worst deal worthy.

Edit: I was thinking hellcat Grand Cherokee or whatever it is called. My bad.


Yeah, it’s a 70k SRT, not the trackhawk.


Again, my mistake. $1,300 for a $70k ‘Murican car is worst deal worthy!


SMH, the same people paid over 1,000 for hellcat chargers/challengers, IIRC…and then Matt Farrah was paying some stupid payment on a Focus RS


Isn’t he the one paying through the nose for an Ascent too?


Is Matt Farah a youtube “auto journalist?”


Supposedly but there are many better ones. I dont know why anyone watches his channel


Farrah has an Ascent as well? That other annoying guy Rob something is overpaying for his Ascent, by his own admission.


You’re probably right, I only have room in my admittedly limited brain for DeMuro, Hoovie, Tavarish and Mr. Regular. I lose track of all my YouTube car people after around that point.


The only three I follow is Savagegeese, Mr. Regular, and Engineering Explained. I personally think the rest of them don’t know what they’re doing.

I just like all the allegory and metaphor Mr. Regular makes.


Haven’t followed in a while but SG is good. Will have to check out the other two.


Maybe not the worst, but worth a laugh. Visited a Volvo dealer this past Saturday to check out a demo S60. $37k MSRP. They hit me at $500/mo for 36/15 with first month at signing! I tried talking through it and they came in at $457. Asked to look at the details … he was using full MSRP minus incentives and then adding back “floor plan.” hahahahaha.
Oh, and he also manually entered the residual $1500 lower than it should have been. Wow. This dude handles the money? Good god. It USED to be a good dealership.

For comparison, I got the same MSRP vehicle down to $310 with first month at signing at another dealer yesterday.


My guess is that the checkbook isn’t balanced at that place…


Because it is a demo and there is the mileage penalty? But for $1,500 it must have 7.5k miles.


Nope. He was off AFTER the penalty. I showed him the math and he just typed in the correct number. I then started in about how he is asking more than MSRP before incentives. It was pretty absurd. I felt bad for the salesguy just standing there watching me fix the SM’s math.

After we left, my wife said “I’m surprised you haven’t been blackballed yet.”


Mr. Regular is an incredible combination of gearhead, college professor, philosopher and dick & fart joke maker. I love his stuff.


I was given numbers from Dodge the other day on a Charger RT 2019 43k MSRP.

  1. 1k down.

I actually ry threw the sales sheet away there and left.


I just got again one…
This is a loner over 6000 miles