Worst leases you've seen


$25k down and $535/mo, MSRP $79k and this deal was after negotiating it down, ouch!


I have a terrible feeling that this Range Rover thread is going to end up being another epic Accord Hybrid type of thread.


But Range Rover dude didn’t sign, he’s asking decent questions, and he’s not acting like we are against him and the dealer is 100% truthful and on his side.


Didn’t sign YET… He was throwing some hints out there about the color combination, etc that make me worry a little bit.


I’m with you on this. Some people get married to the idea of having certain options and then they find something that matches their desires and that one example becomes the ONLY one in existence for them, simply by virtue of it being available. They get tunnel vision on what’s best for their wallet and end up making a poor decision. I think that’s what happened to Accord Hybrid guy. Though… weird car to get tunnel vision on.


Married to the idea: check.
Tunnel vision: check.

Especially since I’ve been subjecting the family to torture living with 1 car for 2 months.


He only wants $12k of his down payment back…



I’m NOT sure Tesla cars can ever be good leases… Just because of their business model where there are NO dealerships involved (and obviously NO incentives rolling in), it is almost impossible to hack a Tesla lease.

So having a Tesla in this thread is probably a wrong example… (?)

That being said, I don’t know why anyone would lease a Tesla…


That’s a crazy amount of money for a Model S 75…

I guess he has a case of buyer’s remorse and is trying to get his money back. I feel no sympathy for that.


Almost $1500/month effective

You could easily buy a slightly higher mile p75 for a little more…


My mother-in-law leased a 2018 Hyundai Sonata back in February (I think it’s the base SE, she’s coming to visit tomorrow so I’ll take a closer look). I have no idea how much she’s paying a month (she said it was much higher than the advertised offer, which is $209/mo with $2199 plus TTL due), but I just found out she put over $4k down to get the monthly payments in a range she could manage.

I’m trying to find a way to ask her exactly what she pays, but my wife won’t let me.


Lmao ! Stay away ! Hahahahah


Cruze deals in SE Detroit are around $80/month…


I agree Erhard is pretty bad, they quoted a friend of mine a few years back $2k/month for a 530xi BMW lease. He did tell the salesperson that his dad was a multimillionaire however…


Here is one for a X5 loaner 20202020


Don’t forget the .20 cents in customer cash… I get that it’s 15k miles a year, but they’re just bending the customer over with a MF like that…


MF should be 0.00182. And the first quote they gave me was with 2500 incentive extra, and 2nd quote they just take out the 2500😂


Take a look at the lease payment on this '17 DB11 prior to the applied incentive. At 48 months you’re paying roughly $180k for the depreciation/rental and simply turning the car back to Ally at the end of the term.

I had heard AM’s lease terribly but this is simply ridiculous:



I have a feeling that person with the Aston doesn’t care. You can see a Bentley SUV and a G wagon in the picture.


Maybe I’m bad at math… but 3738 x 48 is NOT 79k… closer to 180k…