Worst leases you've seen


This one I posted before. Worst I’ve seen in person.

$402pm at 49 month Term

2015 Jetta



On an SE no less… ouch.


Thought these were BMW numbers at first.


49m term? Wasn’t this when VW had a 36m warranty?


Man I’m a total noob but I just can’t wrap my mind around how people negotiate that msrp down to 310 when I’m looking at cars in the 20-24k range and it’s barely a few bucks cheaper than 310


Hunting for the right deal takes a fair bit of work. Helps immensely if you don’t get fixated on any one vehicle.


I have to ask, where is this? $1500 in fees and registration seems insane and will just about kill any deal.

I guess I’ve been spoiled living in IL and NY, both of which cap fees doc fees and have pretty reasonable registration. Everything came out to like $412 for my wife’s car here IL and mine was something like $250 when I got it in NY last year.


Hunting for a Lincoln Navigator but unfortunately the best deals for those are also the worst deals :confused:


Audi has 4 years/50k miles



I think is not possible to get a good deal in Florida.
I got a bunch of ridiculous deal on the last months.
For example WV Tiguan $600/months, Ford Escape $370/months, etc… and these aren’t zero down!!!


Not sure how that’s relevant to a VW Jetta?


Oh, I am sorry, I thought you answered to me. :slight_smile:


I checked it. 6years/72k miles…


Yes but that began later



Someone better jump on that puppy before they’re all gone at that price!


amazing 202020



Lowest 36 month RV I have ever seen actually.


That Focus? I think it’s a tie with the Clarity at 36/15k, although I think the Fusion Energi might even be worse. Difference with those is that the incentives can help make up for it, at least on the Clarity.