Worst leases you've seen


And a 4 year lease with 20k miles per year!!!11 So you can drive it for 30,000 more miles after the warranty expires! What a deal!

The total cost of that lease is $51,883. Unless they put money down.




5,999 per month (plus tax)
60 month closed-end lease
$40,000 customer cash (or trade equity) due at signing
2,500 miles per year limitation
$2.00 per mile after that…

effectively paying $400,000 for the car over 5 years when the MSRP is like $425,000 lollllll and 2500 miles…WTF


The total cost of that lease will be far higher than $52k when the warranty expires. I would be terrified to drive that thing when it turns 50k on the clock.

How could that lease possibly sound appealing to anybody? If she transfers it without kicking 10-20k in, she deserves major props. I’m sure the guys at the dealer still talk about this deal :rofl:


I think at this point, just saying Mercedes C-Class should go hand-in-hand with fully loaded. Each one apparently is!


Unless you managed to lease one that doesn’t have the light up Silver Star on the grille… You are constantly shamed into non fully loaded status over a 500 dollar option.


Any of you rich physicians wanna take this one?


Its got its advantages: :wink: :wink:

“It works pretty much like a traditional lease, but with some extra benefits. Lessees will be able to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease period, and if the vehicle’s value increases during the lease period, no extra charges are incurred, meaning the lessee (not the lessor) reaps the benefits.”


An Autonation dealership by any chance?


How can you write like that, and have a job that pays enough for you buy that kind of car? Drug dealer maybe?


no, just a local Houston dealership


At least they aren’t as bad as the Lexus deal. Those lease payments total about the selling price of a new 2018 RX 350L.


2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
Monte Carlo Blue metallic

MSRP $77,995
Discount: $5,217
Selling Price: $72,778
Monthly Payment: $1,290.28

$1,500 drive off
$906.50 “fees”
$260.71 down payment
$32.99 upfront sales tax

39 months, 10k miles/year

Residual: $31,977.95 (about 40%)
No incentives or rebates other than discount
They did not provide MF despite me asking twice
Fullerton Alfa Romeo in NJ

I know this post is missing an important piece of info, but there’s not a lot out there on this car and I wanted to contribute a little something. This was their only offer despite their poor sales - they have an unsold 2017 on the lot and the 2018 quoted has been sitting there for months. I gave it a hard pass.


That’s a pretty standard lease for the QV model. The abysmal residuals kill any chance of a good lease. I’m just waiting a year or two for one to come off lease from someone who had more money than sense.


Ive seen them as low as 925/Mo with about 2k DAS. Rare though. It’s like they don’t want to sell them. I’d be careful even with CPO though, the reliability articles from C/D etc are…not encouraging, let’s call it


They don’t control the residual/mf though. I’m sure they want to sell it, but they’re hands are tied.


What do you guys think of this:
2018 Buick Encore Preferred AWD LOANER Vehicle (doesn’t even tell how much miles it has)
MSRP $31,360
Monthly payment $349/mo (including taxes and everything) for 39 months, 10,000 miles/year

I told him this is really bad and I already got Jeep.
Then he goes:
"Jeep is well known for having lower quality vehicles for less money per month that’s not new news, comparatively to Buick which is mid level luxury. Also keep in mind that the quote you wanted was a sign and drive deal with everything included on a MSRP of $31,360. So $349 is actually very stellar.

However we did appreciate the opportunity! We also offer free service visits for our customer’s who lease and finance with us, which is something Jeep can’t do which is why their leasing is that low as well, because their customer’s pay more in servicing over their leases."

LOLOLOLOLOL I would love to fight him back but I don’t think it’s worth it.
I won’t even look into Buick for my next lease car. LOL SO FUNNY.


Depending on where it is it might be what the numbers are. What are tax, fees, rebates, mf, residual, etc. Just on what you saying does not look like trying to rob you blind. This is sort of an ok deal for average masses.


It’s NJ dealership.
I have no idea what tax, fees, rebates, MF, residuals are because he just gave me monthly payment.
But I signed for Jeep much cheaper.
Also my local dealers here quoted me brand new 2019 Buick Encore at $320/mo, so I think that is ridiculous.
Loaner Buick Encore for $349/mo. lol.


Did not see loaner part. But again, thats why you dont hear too many buick hacks. Still not sure it fits the category of worst leases.


It’s a little high for an Encore, but not “Worst lease you’ve seen” high.