Worst leases you've seen


Was in the market for a Honda Clarity Plug-in Touring. Went to Hardin Honda in Anaheim, California. Test drive the car and loved it. Made the mistake of giving the salesman my license, which he hadn’t given back. He went to talk the the manager, and came back with an offer of of $8k down, $750/mo for 36/mo 10k miles. I laughed very hard and tried to leave, but the salesman refused to give me my license back insisting it’s the best deal I’ll find. So warning to all. Steer clear of Hardin Honda


$35,000 in total payments? Is this real life?


MSRP of $37,000, super close to totally paying it off.


So did you get the car or now driving without your license?


How is that even possible? The payments are almost the total MSRP. I would have asked for a breakdown just out of morbid interest.


These are really worst!


Just walk into the sales tower and ask for your license, they’ll freak out.



$1,641 for a Q7 P+

588 miles per month for 32 months

Looks like another 48/7.5k lease. So 10 or 12k would have been even higher.


There has to be negative equity rolled into that. That’s $60,000 for a 36 month lease on a car that (decently optioned) costs about $65,000.


And/or a ton of aftermarket/FI products


Just some Swap-a-lease specials


I actually LOL’d at the Camry :rofl: Dude put 10k on it in 5 months, clearly an instance of impulse buy.

We all know that red interior is worth an extra $450/month.


Man, I hope they at least got a free jar of Vaseline with their purchase.


People like this are the reason I can’t get a decent lease around here. When you have folks willing to pay $900/mo for a C300, why even bother giving good deals?


Both of those Toyota deals are hilarious. My Cody-supplied Highlander XLE is < half that price.


I live in Geist. Most people in Geist, Fishers, and Carmel will just pay whatever the dealer tells them to because they either have more money than sense, or they don’t want to appear “cheap”. You are right about not being able to get a deal. I was shopping for a Lexus RX350 for my wife (best offer $800+ per month) and an F-Type R for myself (best offer $1400+ per month). I’ve yet to lease anything in-state.


Fully loaded?


But this looks like a FULLY LOADED C300!!! :rofl:


The write up is kind of cute. It’s like a cross between an elementary school book report and a tripadvisor review.


Absolutely. $47,000 MSRP.