Worst leases you've seen


No, it describes hyperbole and is obviously not meant to be taken as literal. Lighten up.


Agreed. Something is missing here - I almost wonder if the original deal was written up incorrectly?!

Post your original paperwork :slight_smile:


Just like your comments on foreigners skewing the market in NW Detroit.


I’m not sure what you’re torqued up about, but it’s fine to disagree. However I stand by my own observations as well as first hand information from a salesman and sales manager that I am good friends with. I avoid Novi/Farmington Hills/West Bloomfield when I am helping others to get a lease on a luxury brand car as they overwhelmingly prefer the birds in the hand to the ones in the bushes.


Just saw one on reddit. $4700/36m for a 200k Panamera Turbo.



I actually reached out to him (since same area).
He is a top dog physician.

But his 115k price is wrong. Window sticker on swapalease shows 99k MSRP (including Edition 1 pricing)
Also he said buyout was 45k after 3 years.

The 9k is the incentive and 22k MSD’s
If you factor all that in, you are looking at 1900pm for that thing and its not worth it.
Its a 10% rule :slight_smile:


I am struggling to see how you arrived at $1900 payment overall considering the amount of money you get back reduces the effective payment a ton


The breakdown of the 31k incentive was stated upfront in the ad. That’s quite common with MSD leases…to state all or part of the MSD as an incentive if you’re offering any incentives


I apparently suck at trying to get leases…yes I know it’s premium, yes I can do MSDs (they didn’t include them) they also ignored my request for tax credits, rolled the full amount of taxes into the lease payment and ignored the fact I wanted to put 0 down. Basically didn’t listen at all. Before you ask, I did not sign this.


Technically not a worse lease deal then :yum:


Not the worst, but an effective payment of $900+ on a Chevy is insane. That’s basically GLS money. Absolutely amazing deal for someone that wants to take it over though


If 15k+ is already paid off, I wonder if there is any positive equity with vroom or caravan.


Not fully loaded though.


I paid $757 for my GS350 with 3K down… 2015. LOL!

After this site, never again will I lease without everyone’s confirmation!


Yeah the takeover deal is amazing. Flushing $15k down the toilet so readily is mind blowing to me, I bet there’s a story there. I bet he has positive equity and doesn’t even realize it.


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Residual value is the same no matter how much you put down on a lease. Either the vehicle is worth more or less than that value.

Edit: Unless you are saying take over the lease and immediately sell it?


Yeah, i think that’s what he’s saying.


I know what residual is. The guy already paid off a big part of the lease so he may have some positive equity currently.


The two are related though. If you’re not likely to have equity at end of your lease, you’re probably not going to have any in the middle.