Worst leases you've seen


Not sure if this has been posted here but damn… 31k incentives



I was reading through the ad and thought $950 pm for a $115 k car is great until I saw the $31k incentive. Ouch!!!


Unless he’s lying about what you get back, seems like a pretty good deal for whoever takes over it, right? As long as you can stomach the$2k monthly payments till the end of the lease.


Dude must have stupid money to be willing to give up 31 large just to get out of it.


This qualifies as a “worst deal”


My mortgage is less than that lmao


I would love to take a look at his original contract…


The purchase payment is less than the lease payment! They are actually advertising this as a good deal. You have to be kidding me. We all know Audi’s don’t lease well… but does Audi corporate not understand that dealerships like this completely destroy Audi’s attempt to gain credibility in the marketplace??


Huh? Bro its a benz


Psst, he thinks you are talking about the Audi

  1. Audi corporate sets the lease terms…it’s up to the dealer to provide sales discount. Don’t blame the dealership…blame Audi corporate
  2. Audi has plenty of credibility in the market
  3. Not everyone leases a car, nor does Audi expect that to happen
  4. Not everyone follows leasing trends, nor realizes a lease sale can be negotiated

Not everything is the dealer’s fault. Honestly, can you blame them for trying to get a full MSRP sale?


I was just offered a $46K A4, $4000 down, $550 a month.


  1. I can’t believe there is a $115k C-class!
  2. Why is he so incredibly desperate to dump it?
  3. like someone else said, this person must have STUPID money … but then it begs the question: why didn’t he buy the damned thing?
  4. That was an AWFUL deal in the first place!


I should pm him to offer a $40k incentive :stuck_out_tongue: If pockets are really that deep…


But smart? enough to do MSDs.



Two deals stand out in my memory:

One was a 2007 base model Touareg in December on 07. almost $6k DAS/640 a month for 36 months. The guy who leased it had a monthly income of $100k and was getting it for his daughter as a wedding gift. I guess if you have money to burn.

second was an old guy (about 70 years old) trying to impress his younger girlfriend (about 40). He was upside down on an 06 Maxima that he was financing at 602 for 72 months. He said if I brought his payment down he’d make a deal on an 08. Traded in the Maxima, put 3000 down, and took delivery of his 08 maxima on a 60 month lease at 599. It was at that precise moment I decided the car business wasn’t for me anymore.


Even with MSDs, the Benz guy was going to pay 36*2198=79128 dollars total lease cost. $80k for not owning a car with 115k MSRP, and who knows how much money he put down. That was really the stupidest deal.


Those are both terrifying.

How does it not occur to these people to simply calculate the total cost of the lease, and from that conclude that they’re paying almost the entire value of the vehicle except they have to pay to give it back in 3 years?


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