Worst leases you've seen


I recently signed my first lease which was a horrible deal. Should’ve known better… I felt like a sucker for a while after reading through these forums. Good thing is I do like the car. Next time for sure I will try to do wayyy better.

36/15k $0 down, $800 monthly (inc tax which is 10.3%) for a 53k MSRP 2018 XC60 T5 MOM. we really do live and learn. Expensive lesson right there.


ouchhh, you live and learn… right???


Yep. The problem was that I didn’t research enough, and that I was being emotional with lotta changes in life (new baby on the way, etc) and wanted to close the deal that weekend. I probably would’ve saved way more had I waited about two months. All i can do is just enjoy the car and move on.


for what its worth, XC 60 T5 MOM is a pretty awesome car

to make you feel better, let me share my story: I just leased a 2018 Audi S5 Sportback for $938 (w/ taxes + Audi Care) and Zero down, MSRP $69k, got lots of sh*t for it but I love the car and I am enjoying it. So dont worry, be happy :slight_smile:


Sometimes my wife gets bummed when she feels like we are spending a lot of money on something (cars, travel, eating out etc.) and I always tell her to be glad that we have the money to afford these things in the first place. After all you only get to live once :partying_face:


And you can’t take it with you!


You can’t take it with you, it’s certainly true.

But you can shop smart and not take mediocre deals and have more whilst you’re here.


Money covers a lot of stupidity. “Money Play!” as they say in Vegas.


Thanks for the kind words man! I do enjoy the car a lot too. So much better with great adaptive cruise control and the pilot assist.


You will never overpay for a lease in the future! No one here started off getting unicorn deals.


People make emotional decisions and the car salesman is trying to make a living. Bad combination.


I was just quoted $995/mo for a $65k Range Rover Velar with $4500 down payment. I laughed at him.



Looks like a 36m/10k. Previous MY too, maybe 2 model years. dude drove 11k in 3 months. Yikes. How is this situation even possible? Who signs a lease like this, then proceeds to drive 100 miles a day, everyday.

Says he’s willing to offer incentive. Should I ask for $45k? I think that’s fair for 500 miles a month.


That’s a 59k dollar lease. Even with the added mileage, he might actually come out with some positive equity if he stayed the course. At 59k dollars over 3 years, he basically bought the damned thing. What’s left on the residual? I’d be very interested in seeing the MF and RV for this thing at signing, absolutely one of the worst Audi deals of all time. I wonder if he put money down…


I think the only way this is possible is if he rolled some huge negative equity into it. Given the MY and mileage, this could’ve been a demo. Makes it even worse…


That makes this even far worse… He’s trying to get someone else to pay his own financial mistakes while he robbed the lease of its mileage allowance.


Lol I want to ask for 45k incentive. Are the giggles worth the $60 sign up fee? This is as entertaining as the Mayweather McGregor fight.


Wow. That is some impressive lack of foresight to lease a vehicle knowing the allowed miles and then blow through 11k in 3 months. Mind blowing.


Knowing that it’s Audi, it was probably a 48m lease


That makes more sense considering its a 17MY, I just figured that the OP saw it was a 36.