Worst leases you've seen

Is that real!?
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It’s been debunked unfortunately, made the rounds this summer.

Name of borrower; Bend Over

Address Rod bearing Ave


Not a lease but hilarious

We are way past the days of 100k markup on G63. But I expect nothing less of Brooklyn.


A true hackr would negotiate the etch but leave the mark up.


I feel like brighton may very well snap that up

How is 5K down 1,400 /month for SQ5. I didn’t think that this was possible mathematically no matter how you mark it up but he must have included every addon possible plus toilet paper for life.

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Youll definitely want to go 39 mos on this one🤪


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People will post a quote like this and be like but I think the RV is suppose to be 59% instead of 58%. If I can get them to fix that and throw in all weather mats I think pretty decent.

Does West Covina do those kinds of things now?? A friend of mine got a pretty good deal and had a good experience there in 2019 on an A4. I always had a really positive image for Envision Audi West Covina.

Their MB esco and west covina locations have a pretty bad rep, espeically lately.

I know that MB at west covina does not give any pricing at all unless you physically step into their territory, which I turned down in early 2020 when looking for a GLS 450. I know even if I do step in they are not gonna be fully transparent.

I tested a bunch of dealers in So Cal and they were by far the worst. And somehow the guy thought that he had a shot at selling me that lease. I’m pretty sure I can get two SQ5s for this kind of money

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Yeah interesting… It looks like they changed the GM in April 2021, which is when the price started to go crazy. I will avoid in the future, thanks for the info.


Not a lease. Just thought I’d share this amazing low-milage civic for sale.


Yup the medical driver civic is still for sale

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I believe pricing started somewhere in the 18500-19500 ballpark, interesting to see how much further they will drop the price until a buyer comes knocking.

$1218/month + Tax for a 2020 M340i