Which soccer team do you support?


Ox wants to play in CM, so would be good for you


I guess, Hendo is often injured and Can is going to Juve next summer because he knows he does to start if everyone is fit. Be a real shame to see him go, he has been a monster this season so far.


Arsenal, of europa league


Fuck, as I suspected - Ox rejected CFC. Well, makes sense for him, doesn’t want to play wing back. We screwed. Drinkwater submitted transfer request, so we’ll pay 40 mil we got for Matic. Great business


Drinkwater is a great option, I would take him. You always have Costa :wink:

We have not made a bid for Ox though, but as a footballer like Ox, you would want to play under Klopp with his style of football.


We need more bodies. At least 3, but no way we get them. No cover for Alonso, no cover for Moses. Funny how everybody snubs champions.


Looks like we might take Origi off you if Gayle is sent off to Fulham. This window hasn’t made any sense.


Zlatan & V90


5 mins in to the debut and this! Welcome to MLS!



6-0 City all the way. :smirk::smirk::smirk: Aguerooooooooo!!!


Hahahahahaha 202020 rofl


Liverpool will win the Premier League this year. Manchester City has nothing on us


Viva Real Madrid!!!