Which soccer team do you support?


We are in toughest group :laughing:


MU & LFC are lucky bastards. MC too, to a lesser degree. CFC got most difficult draw. Well, Spurs also


Yup, ManU got it easy. they always gets Basel !


Spurs got the worst among EPL teams


They are on par with Dortmund and then there is Real, so they really need to compete with Dortmund only. 3 teams in C are pretty close to each other.


Chelsea only needs to compete with Roma, and BVB’s recent UCL record is better than Roma’s. BVB always punch above their weight.

I predict Chelsea will advance without many problems, while Spurs will not.


No, Chelsea is in a 3 way battle with Atletico and Roma. They all on about the same level, CFC=Atletico and they both a little stronger than Roma. There is no clear favorite in the their group, unlike Real in Spur’s group.
CFC will advance due to their experience and Spur will not due to their inexperience.


what is this “soccer” you guys are talking about ? :innocent:


Group D sounds like fun.


Outside Groups E and H you can pretty much set the fixtures for the last 16.


A-D is much stronger than E-H. Lucky Real and MC


There is no big league or small, Go Gunners! :laughing:


Group B. Go Skenderbeu.


Exciting transfer window, as a Liverpool fan I am refreshing twitter every 5 seconds!


Crushed us :sob:


I don’t even want to see it. Especially when Ox and then Van Djik will sign for you. I can’t believe what Emenalo’s doing.
P.S. Don’t need Van, but no one wants to sign for CFC


whait tilll couthino joins FCB


they wont survive round 1. I’ll be surprised if they win 1 match :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Happy for him to go if we get £150m for him. We only paid £8m for him. Great player but we would do better to put that money into our defense.

And Chelsea can have Ox, he is not better than Salah or Mane, but I guess he would be an option on the bench. (Bet you wish you had not sold Salah)


Who wont survive round 1 of what?