Which soccer team do you support?


Otto: You know your problem? You don’t like winners.
Archie: Winners?
Otto: Yeah, winners.
Archie: Winners, like North Vietnam?
Otto: Shut up. We didn’t lose Vietnam. It was a tie.


We’ll be fine, but the squad is too thin


Manchester United since 1991.

I used to follow Serie A too and was a fan of Juve in the Del Piero and Zidane era.

I’ll watch Messi in any shirt, every WC and the latter stages of every UCL.




@Ed_Churchward make it CL once you can edit? Pot 1 + already qualified. Oh, then we won’t have LFC :grin:
Just kidding, you can remove Basel, Besiktas, Leipzig and add LFC. If you qualify, of course :sunglasses:


Hoffenheim here we come!



AC Milan #ForzaMilan


Yeah, he’s not happy with the business done during the break, didn’t get his targets etc. I hope they keep him if only because the options to replace him are so thin, been floating around Moyes for awhile. Here’s hoping the first few months go well enough.


Here comes Kenedy, you are welcome :slight_smile:


Hey we like Chelsea loaners, made Atsu permanent and he’s done well. I like Kenedy, god willing Rafa’s system doesn’t kill him.

Edit: Should we be taking players off you with the squad depth as it is and Barca sniffing around Hazard? Rumors of Conte taking off as well, any truth to that?


Roman is running it like a real business lately. Now even more so since he’s divorcing his wife. Hazard will stay, he won’t rock the boat and Chelsea won’t sell him and he wants to go to Madrid, anyway. Unless we get Bale. But I’m sure Conte is pissed - 3 days before start and he doesn’t have full bench. This is a crazy window, for sure.


4-3 go gunners!!!


Pink Divas. It’s my daughter team LOL. Soccer is a 2nd tier sport here except for World Cup every four years.


Burnley off to the races.


I can’t blame Conte if he walks


Who do you think would step in for the season?


That would be Roman’s headache. Tuchel or, as always, Hiddink till the season end


Avram Grant …


He’s employed now, I think


Who is excited for el classico today!!!