Which soccer team do you support?

Seria B for them now (again) lol

I don’t see that happening. Is there something I am missing? Are they getting sanctioned to Serie B?

Not yet, but Italians don’t mess around with this stuff.

Ehh hate to burst your bubble but Ultras from different countries were contracted and flown in early so they could learn the Qatar National anthem, and pretend to be real fans.

I’m only telling from my personal experience being there…but sure internet is the best source for real news…

Allez Les bleus :muscle:

The guys admitted to being paid and said they were there to support fellow Muslims. And just like the internet source…I was there to cheering with them.

This is the part I don’t get. Temps have been in the 80s for games during the day. When the WC is in the US/Mexico, in June '26, it will be in the 80s and even 90s for some games. So in 2026 players and fans will somehow survive sans A/C but in 2022 it was needed?

Someone 'splain this to me please.

Air conditioning is for the grass I heard and not for players or fans…:slight_smile:

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BBC News - Juventus: Prosecutors call for club’s board to face trial

BBC News - Juventus: Uefa opens investigation into potential financial fair play and licensing breaches

Super league clubs made themselves the “pharma bro” of futbol.

Just like Al Capone, Martin Shkreli was never prosecuted for any of the alleged offenses he was infamous for, but ended up in jail anyway.


The one good thing to come out of this fiasco is that it’s no longer unthinkable for a WC to be held in December.

Some time in the future maybe we’ll see Argentina + Uruguay and/or Australia + NZ host a December WC.

I think South America has a 2030 bid, so its possible

I am sure you are aware that construction of the World Cup stadiums started years ago. Depending on the time of year, temperatures can reach 100+ F. Here is an interesting article detailing working conditions for migrant workers who built the stadiums.

“In 2019 it found that Qatar’s intense summer heat is likely to be a significant factor in many worker deaths. The Guardian’s findings were supported by research commissioned by the UN’s International Labour Organization which revealed that for at least four months of the year workers faced significant heat stress when working outside.”

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That’s definitely not a good thing. Winter world cups suck. Sucks for the southern most countries, but it should be kept in the summer for a plethora of reasons including: main soccer calendar is built around summer international duty, biggest players in biggest leagues had to pause mid season mucking up the calendar for the year, the players didn’t get significant time to spend and train together with their national teams, easier for people to take off work with families and so on in summer, no time for player recovery going into the decisive time of the season, no time for proper transfers given the mid season transfer window when very few significant deals get done, etc.

New Zealand has no business hosting a World Cup just like Qatar shouldn’t have hosted one. Give it to Australia if you want one down under, but nations that have no serious football shouldn’t be hosting world cups. Among other things NZ has only one stadium with 40k+ capacity and the time zone would make it extremely hard for the fans of the main footballing nations to follow. Just my late night 2c

I kinda agree on some points. Yet, in the winter players are in top shape vs. tired after long season and there is no pre-season after WC. Most leagues have winter breaks anyway (though at a different time), so mostly only EPL gets affected. We just got used to summer WC.

This is disgusting. Many of these workers they take their passports, hold a month of back pay and do other ridiculous things to trap them in the area. I watched a documentary about it, super sad and it’s 100% slavery. The employer is supposed to pay for the $2000 work visa but they make it a loan with interest so high that the worker can’t pay it off with their meager salaries.

These are the type of human rights issues that should be in the forefront. Making it all about gay rights issues just sells better I guess.

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All that aside from the selfishness of enjoying much more a summer World Cup outside in the warmth having 288474938374 beers

USA 1994 proved that the host doesn’t need to be a traditional football power. The key ingredients for a successful host are healthy levels of local turnout and safe conditions for visiting fans.

Doesn’t have to be a powerhouse, but maybe they should’ve qualified at least once for a World Cup in the past. USA wasn’t half bad in the home World Cup, they also had infrastructure, safety as you mentioned, and generally the ability to host. Throwing it to X random country that doesn’t check any of the boxes is the issue.

The stadiums should not be half empty in any place that gets awarded a WC OR a WC should not be awarded to any country where the stadiums will be half empty, whichever you prefer :slight_smile:

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